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Dear Brother / Sister, Chemistry of Love

When the brain is disrupted, the person is taught to speak again. Therefore, the network structure in the brain is a source. A source of the chemical structure in the brain is the chemistry of love. The chemistry of love is an interesting topic. When you fall in love, your sleepy mood disappears. It is about the attraction feature of love. The smell particles related to sexuality are connected with this attraction. Chemicals, dopamine, serotonin, growth hormone, appetite, satiety, hunger and sleep in humans are chemicals related to it. When they are secreted very much, the person becomes very energetic and when they are secreted a little, the energy becomes less. It is about the heart and physical activities. When testosterone and estrogen hormones are secreted excessively, they are connected with the sense of love; smell particles are also associated with the feeling of love; oxytocin and vasopressin are related to the chemistry of love chemistry love, oxytocin is secreted the most in breastfeeding mothers.

Think of the mother-child attachment; the mother is so attached to her child that she sees her child as a part of her and sacrifices herself for her child. For example, when a fire breaks out and the nest of the swallow starts to burn, the swallow immediately goes to the nest and rescues her young. In some cases, the coward chicken attacks the lion. Why? It was created and genetically coded like that. Oxytocin is secreted in such a way that it thinks it is another animal. The brain does it. Oxytocin is produced synthetically today. It is given to male monkeys in Switzerland. They become more interested in the females and in their offspring; they become more interested in furry things. Oxytocin is sold today and it is given to some married couples. They are advised to spray it into their noses before going to bed; it is defined as love hormone. However, the ideal thing is to let the brain produce it on its own.

When it cannot be taught, they attempt to activate a sense of love with synthetic applications. Since the body cannot be given oxytocin 24 hours a day, the intelligent person activates the pharmacy in his brain. He releases his own oxytocin; physical contact increases oxytocin. For instance, hugging increases oxytocin. Therefore, we tell married couples to sleep by hugging each other even if they are cross and even if there is no sexuality. When they lie by hugging each other, oxytocin is secreted and the bonds are strengthened.

Physical contact is one of the languages ​​of love. Another language of love is speaking;  speaking is a language of love; giving each other presents is a language of love; eye contact is a language of love; so is helping. Therefore, when we use the language of love, the brain secretes oxytocin. When oxytocin is secreted, attachment occurs and the feeling of love occurs in a person. Love is derived from the word ivy in Arabic. The ivy is attached to things so much that it dies when the thing it is attached to dies.

The feeling of love is such a feeling; it reached such an ultimate point in Layla and Majnun that Layla and Majnun fell in love but when they came together, their love ended. Then, Majnun said, “Why was this love given to me?” For divine love. Then, Majnun left Layla and headed toward divine love.

However, if Layla and Majnun lived now, we would hospitalize them in psychiatry ward; there would be no love left. He could reach Layla but not God. That is probably one of the risks of science. If there was such a pathological love at the moment, it could be cured; the people of letters will get angry but this is one of the cold faces of science.

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