Can the purposeful activities of mirror neurons in the brain and the connections between nerve cells be explained through coincidental existence?

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Energy Consumption of the Brain

Human brain is about 2% of the body weight but it uses 15% of heart flow rate, and 25% of glucose and oxygen that come to the body. The brain was regarded as a silent organ. According to the opinion of neuroscientists today, 5% of the brain works consciously and 95% unconsciously. There are system files in a computer. There are dozens of system files and they work in the background; we use only three to five files in the foreground. Just like the computer, we have other files in our brains. The configuration in the computer is very similar to the configuration in our brain. This is called cognitive neuroscience.

There are 5 thousand, 10 thousand connections between one nerve cell and another one.
What makes human brain a brain is the great number of connections.

Let us examine the brain of a person playing tennis here: Sick group and healthy group: They say to the group: You walk around here at home in a healthy way. Imagine that you are playing tennis inside the MRI device. They check the sick group. Red areas are fast-working areas of the brain; they are the areas that consume a lot of glucose. There are red and yellow areas in the sick group, but there is no red, stressed area in the healthy group when they are told to walk calmly around the house. A healthy person can make his brain work when he is relaxed and in peace. Mirror neurons make up 20% of the brain. We learn to socialize through mirror neurons. We think about what the other person is thinking and develop theory of mind with mirror neurons. The same neurons work while eating, dreaming of eating and watching a person eating; they are called mirror neurons. Those mirror neurons work like the wireless and connect with the brain of the other person. Mirror neurons broke the mold.

We cannot explain through random existence how all these events occur. There are 5 thousand, 10 thousand connections between one nerve cell and another one. In the meantime, there is chemical ignition; the axon potential forms; chemical ignition takes place there; then, it is transferred to another nerve cell, and then to another nerve cell. There is only one or two connections between a nerve cell and another nerve cell in a bird’s brain. The word "birdbrain" is to the point.

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