What kind of a relationship exists between abstract thought, conceptual thought, symbolic thought and the brain? What characteristics of the brain make man a different species from other living beings?

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7.5.2. Abstract Thought, Conceptual Thought, Symbolic Thought

Our brain features refute the theory of evolution’s thesis advocating random existence.There is a brain that uses logical reasoning. This logic-based reasoning does not exist in other living beings.

     There is a causal relationship between abstract thought, conceptual thought, symbolic thought and the brain. In the 1850s, a railway worker opened tunnels with dynamite. One day, while placing the iron, dynamite exploded and the iron entered through his eye and came out of his head, damaging his brain. He fainted and lost one of his eyes. He suffered from epilepsy; afterwards, he came round, got well and started to use his hands and feet. However, his personality changed. He was a disciplined man before but he started to belch loudly in the presence of people and make stupid jokes. He started to go home late and go to bed late. His personality changed completely. When these cases were considered together, scientists started to research: “Is the region known as the silent region of the brain a region related to our behaviors, ethics and personality?In fact, our brain does not work silently; it works unconsciously. We call what we call the unconscious/subconscious implicit memory. If we liken it to a computer, the system files work in the computer though we do not notice them; similarly, the brain works though we do not notice it. These characteristics make man different from other living beings.

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