Is it possible for the roads in the brain to have formed based on coincidental existence?

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8.1.4- The Map of the Roads in the Brain

Let us have a look at the case of a tumor in the brain. It is mentioned as 26.54 (Fortin) case, but this person was not paralyzed. There is a technique called DTI 27.05. They had a TRACTOGRAPHY of the brain with a method called Diffusion Tensor Imaging. They screened the roads in the brain. The tumor had grown, squeezed the paths in the brain, but not blocked yet. That person was not paralyzed. A researcher sad that the motor function of the patient was very high. Therefore, the surgeon preferred to be more tranquil rather than aggressive. Acting upon the images, he tried to remove the tumor without damaging the intact tissue. The person was not paralyzed but he looked as if he could be paralyzed soon. The surgeon removed the tumor and prevented that person from being paralyzed. That is a map of the roads in the brain.

Consider Istanbul and Erzurum. Is it possible for the roads between these cities to have formed coincidentally? In thousands of years, people who went from Istanbul to Erzurum built those roads. How could the ways in the brain have been made without any external intervention?

If smart roads formed in the brain on their own, why did the roads between cities not occur on their own for centuries? It means an external will there did not choose it, but an external will preferred to have roads in the human brain. This shows how impossible the formation of roads in the brain by coincidental existence is.

Let us have a look at the way the human brain works: Almost all parts of the brain work while producing words and forming words. Even teaching words makes every part of the brain works. There are stutterers; our teachers used to say, “He was afraid of something; he was afraid of a dog and his tongue was tongue-tied.” We asked our teachers about it. They said it was not scientific. They said something like that could not happen but its scientific basis has been understood now. When a child is afraid of the dog, the neural circuit explodes in the brain. When it explodes, the connection of the brain region that describes the word in the brain region with the region that produces the word is broken off. When it breaks off, the speed of thought and the speed of adding meaning to thought is not the same; therefore, the person falters and stuttering occurs.

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