Are there any religious and medical objections for urinating while standing up?

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Could you please inform me about urinating while standing up? Are there any objections? Is it appropriate to urinate while standing up?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

One should not urinate while standing up. It is against the toilet etiquette. Being soiled with urine as a result of urinating while standing up would not be right. As it is understood from the narrations that such a way of urinating would cause the torture of the grave. Urinating while standing up is also medically harmful. When someone urinates while standing up, the urine remains in the urinary bladder. This causes illnesses too.

The advantages of urinating while squatting are as follows:

While squatting, abdominal muscles become strained, knees press the abdomen; hence, the bladder becomes under pressure. As the bladder is fully emptied at the end of urinating, no urine remains in the bladder. The bladder is fully emptied. It both prevents the occurrence of urethral and bladder stones, and becomes effective in decreasing the complaints of prostate patients. Slightly leaning over to the left side is advised when urinating as squatting. This way of urinating, which is the most suitable position for the urethra’s anatomy (structure), enables the urethral tract and bladder to be fully emptied.

Op. Dr. Ali Hatay, Urology Specialist

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