What kind of relation is there between spirit and brain?

Atoms, which are deprived of knowledge, cannot gain the quality of Knowing no matter how perfectly they have come together. Brain is also composed of these atoms, which are unconscious, and without knowledge. It conveys and records the knowledge but does it unconsciously. It is just a tool like a floppy disk that performs the orders of a being called spirit.

The reality of Will is a marvel. To choose, to decide, to distinguish, to wish, to refuse, are not the things that an accumulation of flesh would perform. It cannot wish but carries out what spirit commands.

A brain, which is composed of billions of cells, is so marvelous a computer as to boggle mind. But like every computer, it also needs programming by someone. Brain resembles a central established to perform package programming that spirit produces, and convey it to various parts of body. It does not have the will to run after new ways, other possibilities, and different works.

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