Are the sins between two Jumuah (Friday) prayers forgiven?

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Are the sins between two Jumuah (Friday) prayers forgiven?
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According to the majority of scholars,sins are divided into two as major and minor. The auspicious deeds that may become a kaffarah (atonement) for the sins of a person such as five prescribed daily prayers, the fast of Ramadan, Hajj, Umrah, ablution are "minor sins"; The sins that cannot become a kaffarah by such worships are "major sins".

For example:

"Two umrahs are a kaffarah (atonement) of sins committed between the two." (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, II/461).

"An accepted Hajj (pilgrimage) is a kaffarah for the sins committed in that year." (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, II/348).

"Two drops of blood that shed from a martyr is a kaffarah for his whole sins." (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, IV/300),

"Allah covers the sins of a person between the two Friday prayers who performs them." (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, V/181).

The worships which are informed in hadiths to become kaffarah for sins are minor sins. However, the sins about which no worship is accepted as a kaffarah are among the major sins.   

For example; no worship becomes a kaffarah for sins like killing a person, fornication (zina), drinking alcohol and so forth; the punishment determined by the shari'ah is applied to them.

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