Fourth Fundamental Point: Causes and proofs of the death and Resurrection of the Universe.


Just as there are things necessitating the resurrection of the dead and Great Gathering, and the One Who will bring it about possesses the power to do so, so the world possesses the potential for the resurrection of the dead and Great Gathering. There are four ‘Matters’ in this assertion of mine that ‘this place is possible.’

The First is the possibility of this world’s death.

The Second is its actual death.

The Third is the possibility of the destroyed, dead world being reconstructed and resurrected in the form of the hereafter.

The Fourth is its actual reconstruction and resurrection, which are possible.

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First Matter: The universe’s death and its renewal in a much better form as a necessity of the law of the process of perfection which is ruling over beings.

Second Matter: The witnessing of divine religions and the changes in the universe for the death of the universe.  

Third Matter: The resurrection of the realm and the separation of good and evil, which are mixed in this world, in the new realm.

Fourth Matter: The promises of the Creator, who is capable of resurrecting the universe, for resurrecting it and the righteousness of these promises.

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