Fourth Matter: The promises of the Creator, who is capable of resurrecting the universe, for resurrecting it and the righteousness of these promises.

FOURTH MATTER: This is possible, it will occur. Indeed, after dying, the world will be resurrected as the hereafter. After being destroyed, the One Who made the world will repair and reconstruct it in an even better form, and will convert it into one of the mansions of the hereafter. Just as the proof of this is, foremost, the agreement of the Holy Qur’an together with all its verses comprising thousands of rational proofs and all the revealed scriptures, so do the attributes of the All-Glorious One pertaining to His might and those pertaining to His beauty, and all His Beautiful Names, clearly indicate its occurrence. So too did He promise He would create the resurrection and Great Gathering through all His heavenly decrees which He sent to His prophets. And since He has promised, most certainly shall He bring it about. You may refer to the Eighth Truth of the Tenth Word concerning this matter.

Also, just as foremost Muhammad the Arabian (Peace and blessings be upon him), with the strength of his thousand miracles, and all the prophets and messengers, saints and the righteous agreed on its occurrence and gave news of it, so does the universe together with all its creational signs tell of its occurrence.

In Short: The Tenth Word with all its truths, and the Twenty-Eighth Word with all its proofs in the ‘Especially’s’ in its Second Station, have demonstrated with the certainty of the sun’s rising in the morning after setting the previous evening that after the setting of the life of this world, the sun of truth will appear once more in the form of the life of the hereafter.

Thus, seeking assistance from the Divine Name of All-Wise and benefiting from the effulgence of the Qur’an, from the beginning up to here our explanations have taken the form of four ‘Fundamental Points’ in order to prepare the heart for acceptance, the soul for surrender, and to convince the reason. But who are we that we should speak of this matter? What does this world’s true Owner, the universe’s Creator, these beings’s Master, say? We should listen to Him. Can others dare to interfere officiously while the Owner of this domain speaks?

We must listen to the Pre-Eternal Discourse of the All-Wise Maker which He delivers addressing all the ranks of those of each successive century in the mosque of the world and place of instruction which is the earth, with thousands of decrees like,

When the Earth is rocked with a great convulsion,
And the Earth casts out its burdens,
And man cries out: “What is happening to it?”
On that Day it will relate what all those upon it have done.

For so your Sustainer will have commanded it.
On that Day men will go forth in groups to the Judgement, to receive requital for their former deeds.
Then anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good, shall see it.
And anyone who has done an atom’s weight of evil, shall see it,1

which causes the earth to tremble, and,

But give glad tidings to those who believe and do good works that theirs shall be Paradises beneath which flow rivers. Whenever they are given fruits therefrom as sustenance, they will say: “This is what we ate before as sustenance,” for they shall be offered it in a form resembling that of this world. And they shall have there women pure and good, and they shall dwell there for ever,2

which fills all creatures with joy and eagerness. We must give heed to these decrees of the Possessor of All Dominion, the Owner of This World and the Next, and we must say, “We believe in it and we affirm it.”

All glory be unto You! We have no knowledge save that which You have taught us; indeed You are All-Knowing, All-Wise.3

O our Sustainer, do not punish us if we forget or do wrong.4 O Allah, grant blessings to our master Muhammad, and to the Family of our master Muhammad, as You granted blessings to our master Abraham and to the Family of our master Abraham; indeed, all praise is Yours, all splendour.



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The Thirtieth Word: The nature of “I” (ego). The duties of atoms and molecules which are described as transformation of minute particles in forming various matters.

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