Third Fundamental Point: The explanation of the verse of Surah Luqman, 31:28 which has the following meaning; “And your creation or your resurrection is in no wise but as an individual soul: for Allah is He Who hears and sees (all things).”


The Agent possesses the power. Without doubt, the matters necessitating the resurrection of the dead exist. Also, the One Who will bring it about is powerful to the utmost degree. There is no deficiency in His power. The greatest things and the smallest are the same in relation to His power. It is as easy for Him to create the spring as to create a flower. Yes, One so powerful that this world together with all its suns, stars, worlds, particles, and substance bear witness to His sublimity and power with endless tongues. Does any doubt or misgiving have the right to consider bodily resurrection remote from such a power?

It is plain to see that every age within this world an All-Powerful One of Glory creates a new, travelling, orderly universe. Indeed, He makes a new, well-ordered world each day. He perpetually creates and changes with perfect wisdom transient worlds and universes one after the other on the face of the heavens and the earth. He hangs on the string of time regular worlds to the number of the centuries, years, indeed, days, and through them demonstrates the tremendousness of His power. He attaches to the head of the globe the huge flower of spring which he adorns with a hundred thousand embroideries of resurrection as though it was a single flower, and through it displays the perfection of His wisdom and the beauty of His art. Can it be said of such a One, “How can He bring about the resurrection of the dead, and how can He transform this world into the hereafter?” The verse,

Your creation and your resurrection is but like a single soul1

proclaims the All-Powerful One’s perfect power, that nothing at all is difficult for Him, that like the smallest thing, the greatest presents no difficulties for His power, and that it is as easy for His power to create innumerable individuals as to create as a single one. We have explained the verse’s essential meaning briefly in the Conclusion to the Tenth Word, and in detail in the treatise entitled Nokta (The Point), and in the Twentieth Letter. In connection with the discussion here, we shall elucidate a part of it in the form of three ‘Matters’, as follows:

Divine Power is essential, in which case, impotence cannot intervene in it. Also, it is connected to the inner dimensions of things, so obstacles cannot become interpenetrated with it. Also, its relation is according to laws, so particulars are equal to universals, minor things are like comprehensive ones. We shall prove these three matters.


1. Qur’an, 31:28.

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