Why did Allah create living things depending on causes?

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- For example, why did He create living things dependent on water and weather?
- Why did He give them the ability to eat and drink?
- For example, instead of a lot of sperm, He could have created a zygote with one sperm.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Should Allah have asked man how to create living things?  No matter how He created them, man would ask the same question again. “Why did He create it like this?"

There is not one but thousands of wisdom and reasons in the creation of every living thing. Man should stop objecting to the reasons for their creation and try to understand the characteristics of each species and the purpose of their creation.

Otherwise, it does not fit good manners and the position of man to object by asking, "Why did He create it like this?". Such an objection lowers the spiritual position of a person who has a very high position in the sight of Allah.

The main fallacy here is that living beings are immediately judged as unnecessary without understanding the wisdom and purposes of their creation, without thinking and, most importantly, without research. For, it is a time-consuming and difficult task to investigate the purpose and wisdom of creation of each living being. Therefore, people choose the easy way out and decide that these living beings are useless and unnecessary.

The answer given by the flies to the objection of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) against the abuse of the flies is very striking. This issue is explained in the Risale-i Nur Collection as follows:

“Moses (Upon whom be peace) complained about flies bothering him, saying: ‘O my Sustainer! Why have You made these irritating creatures so very numerous?’, the following answer came to him by way of inspiration: ’You have objected about the flies once while the flies have asked many times: ‘O our Sustainer! This man has a huge head, yet he praises You with only one tongue, and sometimes he neglects to do that. If you had created us out of only his head, there would have been creatures like us praising You with thousands of tongues!’ Moreover, the flies, which thus defended the wisdom in their creation against Moses’ complaint sufficiently powerfully to withstand a thousand such objections, also pursue great cleanliness. These insects continually wash their faces, eyes, and wings as though taking ablutions, and have important duties. The common view is short-sighted; it is still unable to comprehend those duties. (see. The Flashes, Badiuzzaman, The Twenty-Eighth Flash)

There are countless living beings that do not need to eat and drink, air and water. They are angels. They are jinn. They are demons. Only Allah knows the number of the angels. Because they are created from light, light suffices for their food. They constantly mention Allah. Each has his own way of worshipping. Allah creates angels from the air, light, sound, darkness and brightness. With each grain of snow and rain, there is an angel descending to earth.

There is a need for a living group like plants; similarly, there is also a need for a living group in the form of animals. Both are alive, but it is clear how much difference there is between plants and animals.

As for man, he is a kind of living being in the position of a vicegerent above all of them. He benefits from the whole universe, every feature of it, and is also a direct addressee of Allah.

On the other hand, there are also anaerobic living beings that live in an airless and waterless environment. In other words, Allah has created all kinds of creatures.

How do you know that having too much sperm is unnecessary? What research did you do or what studies did you read on this subject? Those who object like this are called ignoramus because they do not know anything. They do not even know what they do not know. They think they know.

The large number of sperm has many wisdoms and purposes. We will point out two of them here:

The first is about the perpetuation of the human race. As is known, one of the sperm must combine with the egg so that the baby will form. Each sperm's ability, nutritional value and strength are different. In order to reach the egg, they must pass through media with very high acidic value and be resistant to a very long journey for them Many of them die in acid environments until they reach the egg. If the environment was not acidic, human life would be in danger due to microbes. Some of them die because the food and energy they have are not enough to complete this long journey. One of the most healthy and robust sperm only can reach the egg.

If one single sperm had been created as you think, you and I would not be alive today. Maybe ninety-five percent of humanity would not be able to set foot on the stage of life. Do you now understand the wisdom of creation of so much sperm?

Another reason for the creation of so much sperm is that each sperm is a mirror to the names of Allah. Just as the reflection of the sun in the mirror shows the seven colors of the sun in it so too do all beings reflect the names of Allah like a mirror.

Every sperm becomes a mirror to the names "Hayy (Alive)" and "Muhyi (Giver of Life)" of God Almighty with their lives, the name "Musawwir (Shaper of Beauty)" with their shaped and neat structures, the name "Hafiz (Preserver)" with having all the genetic characteristics of man, the names “Hakim (Perfectly Wise), Mudabbir (Disposer)” with being planned for a purpose of the creation of man, the names of “Rahman (All Merciful), Rahim (All Compassionate) and Razzaq (Sustainer)” with the preparation of their sustenance, and many other names.

For this reason, the purpose of creation of those sperm is fulfilled by the fact that they become mirrors to many names of Allah. Therefore, it is enough for them to live for a moment and appear on the stage of life.

It is also necessary to look at the presence of tens of seeds in a melon and watermelon from this perspective. Then, the wisdom and purpose of these extra creations will be understood.

In conclusion, there is neither an excess nor a deficiency in the forms, duties and numbers of living beings created by Allah. Everything is calculated down to the smallest details and created in the most beautiful way and in a style that will serve all purposes.

One should take this into account and should not object to the beings created by Allah. He should only search why and how these creatures were created, and the wisdom and purposes in their creation.

Criticizing Allah's works by regarding them as incomplete and unnecessary is contrary to good manners and distance man from the love of Allah, and his rank in the eye of Allah. Those who regard the works of Allah as unnecessary and incomplete should think about these outcomes.

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