Question 48: Vas deferens duct, which carry the sperm produced in testes to the penis, follows a long route. Is it not a product of bad design?

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Answer: First of all, the statements and evaluations above have nothing to do with a scientific interpretation. It is entirely built on unbelief and denial of Allah. More precisely, some irreligious people use some realities and secrets of creation, which cannot be scientifically proved and which they do not understand, as instrument for irreligiousness. They mention some things as examples of unnecessary organs or an unplanned creation based on their own mind.

The long route followed by the Vas deferens duct is not in vain and meaningless. The vas deferens is made follow a rather long way so that three auxiliary genital glands will be connected to it. The first of these glands is vesiculoseminalis gland, which is located immediately before the prostate. Sperm can move thanks to the vesiculoseminalis gland. Without the fluid secreted from this gland, the sperm would be still and like fish without water and would die in a very short time. Then, the Vas deferens joins the prostate gland. The secretions secreted from the prostate gland also provide the nutrition for the sperm. The Vas deferens merges with another gland, immediately after the prostate gland: the Cowper’s glands. Cowper’s glands protect the sperm from the acidic effect of urine and ensure that the sperm remain alive for a long time. As it is seen, there are very important reasons why the vas deferens follows a long route by entering the abdomen after the testicles. That is something that shows its creator on its own. In short, the vas deferens enters the abdomen to merge with the vesiculoseminalis, prostate and Cowper’s glands and follows a somewhat long way. Liquids secreted from these glands undertake vital duties in the functioning of sperms. Evolutionists who are incapable of understanding how the organs in their bodies work and too weak to understand their reasons actually declare their ignorance by denying the creator and His wise deeds.

It is essential that the testicles hang down so that their temperature does not rise above 37 degrees. For, if it does, sperm die above a certain temperature. The person who wrote that article thinks the places the Vas Deferens duct travels are unnecessary. Even only his assessment is the greatest proof of how wonderful and planned the human body is. He points out only a few errors, according to him, in the body though he studies the body in detail. 

If it were not the work of the owner of infinite knowledge, will, power and mercy as they claim, but the work of unconscious and random coincidences, what would prevent them from having their mouths on their hands, their feet on their backs, their eyes on their tops? First of all, it is almost impossible for their heads to be like this. Their heads could have been like a cat’s head, a duck’s head, a bird’s head, a horse’s head, and a dog’s head. None of them happened; somehow each of them had a human head.

It is almost impossible for the eyes to be in their current location and to have their current shape and number. Instead of two eyes, we could have had one eye, three, five, fifteen and twenty-five eyes. The place of the eyes could have been on the head, at the back or on the feet. The structure of the eye could have been like the eyes of a dog,horse or ox. Somehow, the eyes turned out to be in their current place, as two eyes and with their current shape. What is more, it is almost impossible for the number, structure and location of all internal and external organs to be as they are now. Suppose that all internal and external organs happened to be in their current places by chance as they claim. However, all organs of all people were placed properly, planned and arranged down to the last details, tailored to the needs of people and given the appropriate spirit.

Can you will ignore all this? How can you claim that Allah created without a plan and schedule acting upon a few organs whose wisdom and existence you cannot find scientifically? It is nothing but using science as an instrument for to irreligiousness.

Everyone is free to believe or not. Someone’s denial of Allah concerns only him. However, it is unacceptable to present this denial under the cover of science and to use science as an instrument for this idea of ​​denying Allah.

If those who regard the structures above as a mistake of creation in their opinion had come to the world 100 years ago, they would have found, not 3 or 5 but, hundreds of mistakes of creation according to their own knowledge. The wisdoms and benefits of the structures that were considered as a mistake of creation at that time are too many to count today. There is no doubt that it will be determined and provedin the future that the structures regarded to be wrong today have many wise reasons and purposes.

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