Question 29: What is the wisdom behind the creation of some insects like louse that harm man and parasites that disturb man?

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Answer: There are many reasons for the creation of beings. It is primarily the duty of science to determine what those reasons are. It is not something easy to determine what is the use of a being, what benefits and harms it has in scientific studies. Most of them are generally found and understood, so to speak, by guess and by God.

We usually examine beings in terms of their benefits and harms. We always view them from this aspect. If something has no direct benefit or harm to us, we usually consider it useless.

Is it really so? That is, was each being created only for us? If that is so, there are so many visible and invisible living beings in the universe that we do not know what most of them are for. Besides, what we know is very limited. What we know about most beings is only a few things. Could the real purpose of creation of that being only a few things that we know?

In that case, we need to take a look at the purposes of creation of beings and especially living beings. It is Allah Who creates them. We have to look at what He says about it.

What we understand from the interpretations and evaluations made regarding the issue based on verses of the Quran and hadiths is as follows: Allah Almighty created the creatures both to observe His own works of art and to show these works of art to other conscious beings, especially human beings and angels. That is, living beings become mirrors to the names of Allah with their existence. They reflect His names. God Almighty observes them too. So to speak, if that being has one aspect related to our benefits and losses, it has as many aspects as the names of Allah, that is thousands of aspects,related to Allah. 

There are two aspects of beings related to us. They are either directly good like an apple, a pear and a rose. Or, they are good in terms of their results. For example, manure is good in terms of its result. The snake is also a very beautiful art of God Almighty. Although it seems ugly and harmful to us, it has indirect goodness in terms of its duty. In the environments where it is removed, those who have to cope with mice in places where there are no snakes and those who know the serum made from its poison appreciate this goodness better.

Another aspect of beings related to us is that we have to do research about them because of the damage they cause. Thus, on the one hand, they encourage us to do research, and on the other hand, the research sometimes causes another issue that has nothing to do with it to be found. As a result, both our knowledge increases and an issue unknown to us, which God Almighty provided for our benefit, becomes clarified.

In conclusion, Allah watches the beings He creates because they are a mirror for His own names; and He wants other conscious beings to see, contemplate and consider them.

If living and non-living beings have one aspect related to our benefits, they have thousands of benefits related to Allah. In other words, there are as many wisdoms and benefits as the names of Allah in the creation of each being. God Almighty wants us to find those wisdoms and benefits, and to present them to the benefit of humanity and to see and show the wisdom and art in His works.

A story that is closely related to the issue about Hz. Musa (Moses) is narrated: When house flies disturbed Hz. Musa very much once, he said,

O Lord! Why did you increase these creatures, which disturb human beings? He received the following answer in the form of an inspiration:

You object to the flies only once. The flies often ask: O Lord! Those humans with large heads mention You with only one tongue. They sometimes forget and do not mention You. If You had created us only from their heads, there would have been creatures that would mention You with thousands of tongues like us. Thus, Hz. Musa was informed that his objection was answered with thousands of objections.

Similarly, the beings that you regard as harmful and useless may be worshipping and mentioning Allah more than you. Allah considers this aspect and creates beings accordingly.

Ibrahim Haqqi expresses it as follows:

Do not say why is this so,

It is as it should be,

Show patience and watch the end,

Let us see what God will do,

Whatever He does, He does well.

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