Question 33: The ones that adapt to the environment best survive and weak ones are eliminated. For example, only one of the millions of sperm survives in man. Is it not an indication of merciless law of nature, but not justice?

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Answer: First of all, the question is wrong because the Quran is the word of Allah. A spontaneous elimination and selection in nature is meant by natural selection. However, it is stated in the Quran that even an atom cannot act without Allah’s permission and will.

Nothing was created in vain and unattended in the universe. There is not one but perhaps thousands of purposes and wise reasons in the creation of each creature. If man does not consider these purposes and wise reasons in creation, he cannot grasp the subtlety here. First of all, if there is one aspect related to humans in the creation of a creature, there are thousands of aspects related to its creator.

When a living being is created, it come from the realm of non-existence to the realm of existence. That is a great blessing and happiness for it. Life is bestowed upon him. This being becomes a mirror to many names of God Almighty such as Hayy (Ever-Living), Sanii (Maker) and Khaliq (Creator) in terms of its creation, Musawwir (Shaper of Beauty)in terms of being given a certain shape, Razzaq (Sustainer) and Rahman (Merciful)in terms of its sustenance, Hakim (Wise), Karim (generous) and Mudabbir (Prudent)in terms of  being created according to purpose and wisdom. It is enough to live even for a moment to be such a mirror because it is a great honor to be a mirror to the names of Allah and to be a creature of Allah; it is indescribable happiness and wealth for those who know and realize it. Therefore, all non-living beings and living beings except for some people enjoy the pleasure and delight given by coming to the realm of existence from the realm of non-existence, and express their satisfaction to Allah in their own languages.

One of the wisdoms of the creation of creatures is that angels and other conscious beings, especially human beings, watch them with contemplation and taking lessons. For example, the fact that not one but millions of living sperm are created at once from the food eaten is presented as a good lesson for those who think of His greatness and power. On the other hand, the verse emphasizes that man is made from a drop of sperm emitted in lowly form so that he will not feel selfish and conceited. Thus, people are enabled to compare their current state with their original state and are reminded that they should thank and worship the being who transformed them from sperm into their current state.

The nutrition, efforts, movements and resistance of millions of sperm are different from one another. These differences arise from their environment and their creation. It is an expected and desired thing that not those who are ill and inadequately fed but those with high ability and resistance reach the egg cell. Thus, healthier and more resistant individuals will be produced.

The death of others is not injustice. Besides, the life of the being fertilizing the egg ends there as a sperm. Life after that does not continue as a sperm. The life of those sperm is not really short because they have already waited for a long time in the gonads and testicles. They do not need training and practice to carry out the task that is assigned to them. Therefore, their lives end when their duties are over.

One of the aspects of the creation of the creatures related to Allah is that He observes His own art and watches His own work of art. It is enough to live for a moment for this.

Some principles and laws that we encounter in life are mentioned in the Quran, and they are the laws that Allah imposed, not laws of nature. Allah has two kinds of laws. The first ones are the work of His attribute of power; the reward and punishment for obeying those laws are generally experienced in this world. For example, a hard object breaks a soft object. The strong one defeats the weak one. The result of working is attaining wealth and the result of laziness is misery. He who complies with those laws will generally get the result in this world whether he is a Muslim or a non-Muslim.

God Almighty created people differently in terms of both strength and wealth. While some people are strong, powerful and wealthy, some are weak, feeble and poor. On the other hand, He orders the strong and the rich to help the poor and promises great reward in the hereafter in return. In fact, it is necessary for individuals to be at such different levels in terms of the social structure of the society. If all individuals were at the same level in terms of ability, capacity and wealth, you would not be able to find a baker to cook your bread, a plumber to plumb things in, a mechanic to repair your car, a carpenter and joiner to make your furniture and house, a tailorto sew and sell your clothes, etc. Then would you understand how wise this different creation was.

The work of Allah’s attribute of speech is the Quran. He who obeys or does not obey the Quran will be rewarded or punished generally in the hereafter.

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