Is it permissible to get pregnant with someone else’s sperm? IVF...

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A woman can take only her husband’s sperm. It is not permissible for her to become pregnant with the sperm of someone other than her own husband.

If a man’s sperm put into the sperm bank is to be placed in the womb of his married wife in the future to ensure that she becomes pregnant by in vitro fertilization, this practice is permissible in cases of necessity. However, if it is not done and the sperm collected in the bank is given to other women who will make a request later, it is not permissible. Such a process will result in lineage confusion and the illegitimacy of the child, which is one of the reasons for the prohibition of fornication. Therefore, the donor of the sperm and the recipient have a joint responsibility. Since they are not married, what they do is a sin.

In short, giving sperm to a sperm bank, receiving sperm - except for the exchange between married couples - is not only haram but also a social disaster because one of the five common goals of all divine religions is the protection of the generation. This is one of the most important reasons why fornication is forbidden. This practice is not permissible because it will cause many social problems such as the degeneration of generations, the birth of children of unknown fathers and the possibility of strategically transmitting many diseases through sperm.

However, if a person’s own sperm is collected and frozen for various medical reasons and then given to his wife, this practice is permissible.

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