When does the time period for the morning prayer (fajr) start and when does it end? Why is the adhan for the morning prayer called an hour after imsak time?

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The time period for the morning prayer (fajr) starts with imsak and ends when the sun rises. However, according to Hanafis, it is more virtuous to delay it to the time when it starts to get bright slightly but according to Shafiis, it is more virtuous to perform it when it is dark.

Since it is more virtuous to delay the morning prayer, it is not performed immediately after imsak.

Besides, the adhan is not called at imsak time; it is called when the time to start the prayer is near so that people will know the time when it is performed in congregation in the mosque.   

It is permissible to perform the prayer as soon as it is imsak time; it is not necessary to wait for the adhan.

If the sun rises while a person is performing the morning prayer and before he finishes the prayer, the prayer is invalidated according to Hanafis. It becomes necessary to perform that prayer again after the time for karahah ends.

If a Muslim cannot perform the morning prayer on time and if he performs it after the sun rises and after the time for karahah ends, he performs it as a missed (qada) prayer together with the sunnah and fard of the morning prayer.

It is a big sin not to perform prayers on time deliberately. In that case, it becomes necessary to repent and to perform them as qada (missed) prayer as soon as possible.

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