Why is the adhan of the morning prayer (fajr) not called at the time of imsak?

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For example, the time for imsak is shown on the calendars as 3:30 but adhan is called about an hour later than that. What is the reason for that?

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The time period for the morning prayer (fajr) begins with imsak and ends with sunrise. However, it is more virtuous to delay performing the morning prayer until it becomes slightly light according to Hanafis, and to perform it early, when it is still dark according to Shafi’is.

In Hanafi madhhab, it is more virtuous to perform the morning prayer a bit later; therefore, it is not performed immediately after imsak. Besides, the adhan is not called at the time of imsak, but when the prayer is to begin so that people will know the time of the prayer and come to the mosque for the congregational prayer.

The morning prayer can be performed immediately after imsak; it is not necessary to wait for the adhan.

If the sun rises while one is performing a prayer and before the end of the prayer, the prayer is invalidated according to Hanafis. It is necessary to perform it again after the time of karahah ends.

If a person who has not performed the morning prayer on time performs it after the sun has risen and the time of karahah has ended but before the time period for the noon prayer (zuhr) begins, he needs to make up both the sunnah and fard of the morning prayer.

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