What is imsak time? Can the morning (fajr) prayer be performed immediately after imsak?

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In calendars, we see "imsak time". What is imsak time?

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"Imsak time" written in calendars shows the time of stopping eating and drinking for those who want to fast; it shows the time to start fasting; it also shows the start of the time period for the morning (fajr) prayer. After this time period starts, the morning prayer can be performed.

Accordingly, the time for the morning prayer starts with imsak time and ends with sunrise. According to Hanafis, it is more virtuous to delay performing it to the time when it starts to dawn slightly but According to Shafiis, it is more virtuous to perform it early, when it is still dark.

If the sun rises while a person is performing the morning prayer and before he finishes the prayer, his prayer is invalidated according to Hanafis. It is necessary to perform it again after the time of karahah ends.

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