What language did Hz Adam and Hz Eve speak? What language will be spoken in Paradise?

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What language did Hz Adam and Hz Eve speak? What language will be spoken in Paradise?
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In Imam Munawi’s hadith book named Faydu’l-Qadir, the following hadith is narrated from Ibn Abbas:

“Love the Arabs for three reasons: because I am an Arab, the Qur’an is Arabic and the speech of the people of Paradise is Arabic.”1

Arabic is one of the best among the world languages in terms of declamation, literature, fluency and richness. In addition, it has quite a different place among the other languages in terms of sound, harmony and sentence structure. Allah sent the Quran, which is His own speech, in Arabic. The prophet had already been speaking this language, that is, the language of his own nation and people…

Some verses confirm and support this hadith:

‘’In the perspicuous Arabic tongue.’’2

‘’We sent not a messenger except (to teach) in the language of his (own) people, in order to make (things) clear to them.’’3

The verse above states that our prophet (pbuh) conveyed the message to the Arabs, who were in his own nation, by using their own language.

Because being language of the Quran and the language that our prophet Hz Muhammad spoke is Arabic, the language of Paradise is unmistakably Arabic. Before Hz Adam was sent to earth, he would speak in Arabic while he was in Paradise. And also this is the language that some of the other prophets spoke as well as our prophet. For instance, Hz . Noah, Hz. Hud, Hz. Ismail, Hz. Salih, Hz. Shuayb spoke Arabic.

Besides, Imam Qastalani mentions the following narration from Hz Aisha: ‘’ The people of Paradise will speak with Hz Muhammad’s language.’’4

It is certain that the language of Paradise is Arabic by the hadith above and Hz Aisha’s narration; in addition, while Said Nursi explains reasons of Abu Hanifa’s fatwa in "the Letters (Mektubat)" , he writes the following:

‘’In a narration, the Persian language is considered a language of the people of Paradise…’’5

If this statement and the statements above are considered together, it will not be wrong  to deduce such a conclusion: In fact, the language of Paradise is Arabic but Persian could be spoken too. That is, Allah can create both languages as language of Paradise.

The statement in the hadith ’’ Love the Arabs…’’ should not be understood as absolute. As there are non-Muslims in the Arab society, there are also atheists nowadays. Belonging to the Arab race and to the Arab nation is not enough to love them. The statement in the hadith indicates the Arabs who are Muslims, practice their religion and follow Hz Muhammad. In addition we love them as our religious fellows, since they speak the language of the Quran, the Prophet and Paradise, spread the religion for the first time and serve Islam, they are worthy of a bit more love than other nations.


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