What kind of clothes should women wear (for tasattur)?

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Can women wear baggy light clothes that do not reveal any part of the body or do they have to wear the long jacket that covers them down to their toes over their normal clothes that they wear daily?
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It is not religiously permitted for a woman to wear dresses which are so thin as to reveal the color of the skin in the presence of men to whom women can get married. Those dresses can be many kinds such as shirt, skirt, headscarf and socks.

Accordingly, there are some rules for a reasonable tasattur; we must pay attention to them:
--- The dresses must not be so thin or transparent as to reveal the body.
--- They should not be so ornamental and colored as to catch attention.
--- They should not be so narrow as to reveal the contours of the body.

Even if the Salat (prayer) with narrow shirt and trousers is accepted by Allah, it is not proper by the Religion for it will seduce and catch attention of those who look at. The late Ibn Abidin also emphasizes this point in his book. (Raddu'l-Mukhtar, 5/238)

On the other hand, women have to wear properly, and they have to avoid looks, talks and style of walking which catch the attention of men.

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