Would you like to give us some information about Hazrat Saleh's (pbuh) life?

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Would you like to give us some information about Hazrat Saleh's (pbuh) life?
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Hazrat Saleh (pbuh):
Hazrat Saleh (pbuh), one of the prophets mentioned in the Quran, was sent as a prophet to the nation of Thamud . He comes from the descent of Sam, one of the sons of Hazrat Noah. One of the people that survived after the disaster that destroyed the nation of Ad was Hazrat Hud and another was Thamud, coming from the descent of Sam, one of the sons of Hazrat Noah. He settled in a place between Damascus and Hejaz called Hijr. The descent of Thamud increased in time. God Almighty granted them plenty of bounties like the nation of Ad. One of the characteristics that showed the level of their strength and civilization was the strong castles and houses they built carving the steep mountains. Therefore, they were named as the people of Hijr in the Quran.
The nation of Thamud went astray as they had plenty of bounties like the nation of Ad. They started to worship the idols that they made out of stones. Allah sent them Hazrat Saleh (pbuh) as a prophet to prevent them from worshipping idols and to save them from going astray. Hazrat Saleh (pbuh) called them to believe in Allah and conveyed them the religion of Hazrat Noah. The majority of the nation of Thamud did not believe in Hazrat Saleh (pbuh) like many other nations. They wanted him to show them a miracle in order to prove his prophethood and they promised to believe him if he showed a miracle. They wanted something that seemed impossible for them to happen; they wanted a camel to come out of a rock. The rock that they wanted to be a camel enlarged and became a pregnant camel. When the camel gave birth, some of them believed. 
When the camel came out of the rock, Hazrat Saleh (pbuh) said to his nation: “O my people! Worship Allah; ye have no other god but Him. Now hath come unto you a clear (sign) from your Lord! This she-camel of Allah is a sign unto you: so leave her to graze in Allah's earth and let her come to no harm, or ye shall be seized with a grievous punishment. This she-camel proves the truth of my prophethood: she has a right of watering, and ye have a right of watering, (severally) on a day appointed. Touch her not with harm, lest the Penalty of a Great Day seize you.
The nation of Thamud did not obey him; they killed the camel by hamstringing her. Then, they made fun of Hazrat Saleh: “If you really are a prophet, bring us the wrath that you warn us about.
Allah revealed to Hazrat Saleh (pbuh) to leave that place together with the people who believed in him because His wrath would reach them; thereupon, Hazrat Saleh left that place together with four thousand people who believed in him. Then, the faces of the nation of Thamud became pale, then red, as they were colored in blood and then jet black. Gabriel (Jibril) came with a terrible sound and destroyed them. 
After that, Saleh (pbuh) went towards the direction of Damascus with the believers and settled in the town of Ramla. There are also narrations that he went towards Hadramut. According to what is mentioned in the chapter al-Anbiya, no prophet went to, settled and lived in the place where his nation that was destroyed after the disaster.  
According to Ibn Qutayba, Hazrat Saleh (pbuh) lived twenty more years together with the believers who believed in him and died at the age of a hundred and fifty-eight. 
See the chapters of al-Araf, al-Hijr, an-Naml, ash-Shuara

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