Can a woman perform prayers while pregnant? If yes, what is to be taken into account?

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How can a pregnant woman perform her daily prayers without hurting her baby?
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A pregnant woman is to perform the prayers. If a just, expert doctor, in other words a doctor who performs at least the minimum obligations of religion and who abstains from grave sins, says that it is dangerous for the woman to stand while performing prayers, she may perform her prayers in a sitting position.
According to medical data and to the majority of Islamic jurists, a pregnant woman does not experience menstruation. Therefore, if a pregnant woman experiences bleeding, the woman is responsible for performing her prayers and fasting as it cannot be the bleeding of menstruation. On condition that she takes ritual ablution as subject to the regulations of the mustahaza (excused), she can perform the prayers, handle the Qur'an, read (recite) it, and she can enter a mosque.
As soon as the pregnant gives birth, she becomes nufasa (being in the state of recovery from childbirth). When bleeding stops and she takes ghusl (complete ablution of the body), she becomes subject to the normal regulations and fulfills her religious duties accordingly.

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I am pregnant and I experience menstruation. Can I perform the prayers in that state?

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