Are the sins of a woman who gives birth forgiven?

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Every trouble in this world, even if it is small, causes the sins to be forgiven. Giving birth, which is a painful thing and a good thing, will be atonement for a woman’s sins.

They say a woman who gives birth is purified of all of her sins. Is it true?

Labor pain is atonement for sins. Even a minor trouble is a means of forgiveness for a believer’s sins. Since giving birth is something very painful it is expected that it will be a means of forgiveness for sins. However, it is not possible to give a definite judgment as the forgiveness of all of her sins.

There are some hadiths about the virtues of giving birth:

"There are seven kinds of martyrdom other than being killed in the way of Allah: He who dies in the way of Allah is a martyr. He who dies of plague is a martyr. He who is drowned in the sea is a martyr. He who dies of pleurisy is a martyr. He who dies of a stomach disease is a martyr.  He who dies in a fire is a martyr. He who dies under debris is a martyr. A woman who dies while giving birth is a martyr." (For hadiths related to the martyrs other than war martyrs, see Bukhari, Adhan, 32, Jihad, 30; Muslim, Imara, 164; Tirmidhi, Janaiz, 65, Fadailul-Jihad, 14; Ahmad b. Hanbal, I, 22, 23, II, 323, 325)

"A pregnant woman is like a person who keeps guard in the way of Allah until she gives birth and stops breastfeeding. If she dies during this period, she receives the thawabs of a martyr." (see Ahmed GÜMÜŞHANEVİ; Ramuzul-Ahadith)

"When a woman is pregnant, she deserves the thawabs of a mujahid who worships at night, fasts during the day and has fear of Allah. When she has pains, nobody can know the amount of the thawabs to be given to her. Whenever she breastfeeds her baby, she receives thawabs as if she has revived a person. When she stops breastfeeding, an angel comes, caresses her back and says, ‘Come on! Once more!’" (see Ahmed GÜMÜŞHANEVİ; Ramuzul-Ahadith)

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