Is it allowed to get the tubes tied? (To kill the ability of a woman to bear children)

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Is it haram for a woman to have an operation to stop having kids(to kill the ability of a woman to bear child) after she has had 3 or more kids?
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As it is understood from the hadiths : “Get married and multiply, for, I will boast with your plenitude on the Doomsday”. (Bayhaqi 7:81) and “Marry the women that are pretty and fertile” (Abu Dawud, Nikah, 2; Ibn Majah, Nikah,1), we get an important aspect of the marriage, that is, ensuring the continuation of the generation. The important point here is, to take the necessary cautions to prevent the reproduction abilities beforehand.

There are some exceptions regarding the issue, as in every case.  Under certain conditions, birth control is allowed as the Prophet(PBUH) permitted “Azl” (Azl: removing the man’s organ from the female’s organ before ejaculation, during the intercourse)

As for the issue of getting the tubes of a woman tied medically:

It is, medically and religiously, an unfavorable method to remove the ability of reproducing of both man and woman. It has many side effects. Temporary sterilization is partially acceptable. It is applicable in some cases where the mother’s health is endangered.

For example, after the third cesarean operation, if another one is dangerous for the mother, when the womb is already opened to take the baby out, the tubes may be tied in order to make the sterilization. (?nsan ve Cinsi Hayat (Human and the Sex Life), p 100)

As it is seen, this practise is both temporary and it is not for everyone, to be always applied. Namely, it can be the last resort, when required. In such cases, if the medicine does not allow, then the religion does not, either. Therefore, if such a compulsive case occurs, then a group of doctors’ decision should be referred to, instead of only one doctor.

Mehmed PAKSU

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