What are the Sunnahs of Friday Sermon?

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What are the Sunnahs of Friday Sermon? Do you know the 12 Sunnahs of Friday Sermon?

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The Sunnahs of Friday Sermon are as follows:

1- The sermon should be recited standing. It is permissible to recite the sermon by sitting or leaning on something but it is contrary to the sunnah.

2- The preacher (khatib) should face the congregation when he ascends to the pulpit.

3- The adhan should be called in the presence of the preacher.

4- To start the first sermon by praising Allah.

5- To recite the sermon aloud.

6- To utter kalima ash-shahada and salawat for the Prophet.

7- To give useful advice to Muslims about their world and the hereafter.

8- To utter audhu basmala and recite a verse. To recite one long verse or three short verses.

9- To divide the sermon into two and sit for a while between the two sermons. To sit long enough to read three verses.  

10- To start the second sermon by praising Allah and uttering salawat like the first sermon.

11- To pray for believers in the second sermon.

12- To recite short sermons. It is makruh to recite long sermons.

The following is stated in a hadith:

"Lengthen the prayer and shorten the sermon. Doubtlessly, some words fascinate hearts like magic." Thus, the sermon needs to be concise and eloquent. When we examine the sermons of the Prophet, we can see these properties easily. We must not talk to anybody when the sermon is uttered. We must not utter any worldly statements; we must not even gesture for a person who is speaking to keep quiet. It is necessary to keep silent as if one is performing a prayer and to listen to the preacher.

The Messenger of Allah stated the following regarding the issue:

"If a person says, "keep quiet" to his friend while the sermon is being recited, he is regarded to have spoken and to have broken the silence. The Friday prayer of a person who breaks the silence while the sermon is being recited has no virtue." It is necessary to turn one's face to the preacher while listening to the sermon; one should not turn his face to the right and left, and look around.

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