Is it permissible to perform prayers when Friday sermon is delivered? Is it not fard to listen to Friday sermon?

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A person who enters the mosque when the preacher is delivering the Friday prayer sermon is not allowed to perform any prayers including tahiyyatul-masjid (greeting the mosque) prayer according to Hanafi and Maliki madhhabs. However, according to Shafii and Hanbali madhhabs, he can perform tahiyyatul-masjid prayer by keeping it short.

Therefore, according to Hanafis and Malikis, a person cannot start a prayer after the imam starts the sermon. If the imam has started the sermon when a person enters the mosque on Friday, he needs to listen to the sermon first and perform the first sunnah of the Friday prayer immediately after the fard of the Friday prayer or after the last sunnah.

When the sermon is being delivered, the congregation must listen to it without being busy with anything else. It is makruh tahrimi to speak or to tell someone who is talking to keep silent or to perform a prayer. It is also makruh for those listening to the sermon to look at the right and the left. (al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya, Beirut, 1400, 1, 146, 147).

If a person starts to perform a nafilah prayer before the preacher starts the sermon and if he starts the sermon while that person is in the prayer, that person needs to abandon the prayer if he has not performed prostrations. If he has performed prostrations, he finishes the prayer quickly after finishing the second rak'ah. (al-Qinya / Aburraja)

However, some people who have not performed the morning prayer of that day perform it as qada.

If a person who is sahib at-tartib remembers while preparing to perform Friday prayer that he has not performed the morning prayer of that day, what should he do?

According to Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Abu Yusuf, he does not start Friday prayer but performs the morning prayer that he has missed. If he cannot catch up with Friday prayer, he performs the noon prayer in place of Friday prayer. According to Imam Muhammad, if he thinks he can catch up with Friday prayer, he performs the morning prayer that he has missed first; if he does not think he can catch up with Friday prayer, he performs Friday prayer, skipping the morning prayer. (Sirajul-Wahhaj / Halwani; Celal Yıldırım, Kaynaklarıyla İslam Fıkhı, Uysal Bookstore: 1/414)

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