What are the stages related to the creation of the universe? Is it possible to exclude the Creator from the formation of the universe?

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Firstly: It is a view supported by all scientists that the universe occurred as a result of an explosion. However, why was an explosion necessary in an environment where seas, land, plants, animals, people, and even matter did not exist? It is clear that even a child’s cap gun will not shoot on its own; it is shot by a child; similarly, it is clear that this explosion was caused by an endless knowledge, will and power.  It is not possible to exclude the Creator by attributing everything to causes. When the creator is excluded, many questions will arise: “Why was an explosion regarded necessary?” “How did it explode?“ “What was intended in the end?“ “Why should it happen?“

            Secondly:The idea of “spontaneous formation of small elements such as H and He in a very short time after the explosion” is far from expressing the truth. Even a child who wants to make a toy, a house or a car from clay or play dough will know what to do first, then decide and after that start doing it.

             Thus, the being that will create the universe will aim to create first. He needs to have knowledge and to know the ways of creating to do it; He will produce suitable materials and then start to create the universe.

It means Allah knows what He will create beforehand, designs them and then creates them. He creates elements based on His aims and uses them in construction. Otherwise, it is not possible for the elements of a mass to form themselves by chance.

            Thirdly: “The view “planets formed as a result of the cooling of the masses that were discharged as a result of the explosion” is true. However, “Who wanted these masses to cool down? Why did they cool down? And how did they stop when they reached a certain place? Why did they always form regular steps in the future?” We can answer those questions by accepting that there is someone who makes them. For, all of those things are works of a great knowledge, will and power.

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