What does every living being’s having a DNA peculiar to themselves mean?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

4.1.2-Every living being was created specially based on their DNAs

The masses that occurred after the explosion were moved away from one another and cooled. Each mass was placed in an orbit and given a movement. In the meantime, our world, which was given great importance, was cooled and mountains and seas were created. During this process, the atmosphere was made suitable for living beings like the present atmosphere. First the plants and then the animals were created; and those beings were presented to the human beings so that they would benefit from them.

When all conditions were suitable, Hz. Adam was created and all conditions of life were taught to Adam by Allah. Otherwise, man, who was alone with wild animals, would not have had any chance to survive. In addition, each plant, each animal and each human being is expressed with a DNA peculiar to them, and each living being is created specially according to this DNA. It is not possible to express this otherwise. For, the creation of so many kinds of living beings in the best way cannot be the work of ignorant, blind, unconscious and mindless causes and nature. For, the existence of infinite, knowledge, will and power is seen in everything that is done.

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