Do animals and plants have spirits?

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Do animals and plants have spirits?
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As it is known, living things are divided into three categories. Plants, animals and humans. Thus, there are three levels of life here. The first one is the life of plants, the second is animals and the highest level is humans.

In plants, instead of a spirit, there are some kinds of laws. They are laws such as growth, development and differentiation. The law which causes semi-living things such as plants to develop can be called biological spirit. Actually, these laws exist in animals and humans, too. The level of spirits in animals, that is, some feelings and perceptions they have are at a far below level compared to humans.

Animals have a peculiar spirit, unconscious but favored with inspiration, specific to them. On the other hand, humans have a spirit which is conscious and it was created by God upon order and given an external body.

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