Can the creation of the beings be explained with Darwinism? I read very useful anti-Darwinist articles in Biology field. I would ask for logical proofs about creation from you.

Let us set out to past in our imagination. Let us go to the era in which the Earth newly started to differentiate from its lava form and tended to cool down. Let us stand by the Earth, the core of which is a great fire and the surface of which is cooling down and let us list some objects that we own today. Of course, we will not list all of the words in the dictionary here. Let us only remember a few words which will be enough to shed light on this issue:
Hand, foot, wings, eye, small intestine, pancreas, paw, beak, nails, branch, root, leaf, pine, willow, apple


Let us stab the nonsense of evolution with these words; then let us add new words to them Let us count all kinds of fauna and flora existing on the Earth today one by one. Let us remember all of their organs one by one. And let us ask ourselves: do not all of those hint an infinite knowledge and wisdom? How can one believe that all of those things emerged through evolution on their own after the fire cooled down?


We are returning to the past again. The Earth is fully adorned and it is waiting for its guests like an empty palace. Let us imagine one by one the emotions and moods which did not exist at that time but which now surround our inner world: Love, fear, curiosity, worry, hatred, mercy, cruelty, wittiness, naivety, ambition, indifference, affection


How and from whence were all of these given to the living beings on earth? With what kind of an evolution did those different characters which are as many as infinity emerge?


The creation may have occurred all of a sudden or lasted for billions of years. Humankind may have been created directly or indirectly. Yet, how can these questions be answered? : Who made human beings see out of the universe which cannot see? Who made humankind gain knowledge out of the universe which he does not know? Who brought these guests adorned with senses to this palace which does not feel, love and fear? How did non-seeing evolved into seeing? How did non-seeing turn into seeing, non-understanding into understanding? How did this non-living universe bear living beings?. Is it possible to explain all these bewildering events with the long-term awaiting of those ignorant objects?


Now let us go to earlier times. Let us go to the starting point which universe is about to be ready. Before that point, there is no creature existing. Let us imagine those words one by one: water, stone, air, star, moon, planet, sun, iron, nitrogen, chrome, nickel, mountain, plains, sky, the Milky Way, gravity, radioactive waves, electricity and many more.


If the creation of objects out of nothing is not attributed to the One who owns infinite knowledge and power, how can it be explained? If today we see a mansion in an area which was empty yesterday, we ask: Who had this mansion built? We do not even think that the area evolved and became a mansion. In this sense, how can this nonsense be put forward for the universe which was built from absence? Did absence evolve to be existence?


Let us put them all aside and seek the answer to this question: Though the essence of the Earth and the Sun were the same, how did one of them have all these forests, oceans, animals, human beings while the other one is still waiting? Why does it not go through evolution? We know it very well that if it evolves too, there will be neither the sun nor the earth. Then, let us put the question in another way: Who does not let the Sun evolve?


Some claim that Darwin was an evolutionist who believed in God. It is not that I will claim the opposite. However, if an evolutionist believes in God, when the theory he/she supports and this belief are juxtaposed, a weird scene emerges: This universe is created by God, together with its sun, moon, stars, air, soil and underground resources in order to offer a home to living beings. Later, the Creator decided not to interfere with the rest Every object evolved into whatever they wanted; camel, fox, monkey, human, apple or olive.


Lamarck who supported evolution before Darwin stated: The ancestor of giraffe was a creature similar to deer, without a long neck. When it could not find enough of weeds to feed on, it had to eat tree leaves. When it ran out of lower leaves, it tried to reach the upper ones. Then its neck got longer and in every new generation, it got even longer and finally the giraffe of our day emerged.


Let us ask to the ones who take this claim seriously: It is said that giraffes neck got longer in order to eat leaves in the upper parts of the tree. Then, why did fruit-trees evolve to bear fruits? Would they eat the fruits themselves or would their cubs eat them? Did a horse, which is given to the service of human beings, gain this speed in order to catch the weeds? Did an ox become strong in order to carry our loads? Did a chicken evolve to be a non-flying animal in order to be unable to escape from us?


The beings in the universe are called letters from God That is to say; every being went through a divine training, loaded with a lot of meanings, gained a new character and became a divine letter. The ink used in these letters: Atoms. According to a materialist, the letters were written by the ink. According to a naturalist, it is natural for ink to turn into letter. And according to an evolutionist, Letters were written with the long-term awaiting of the inks!


The ink of the book of the universe is atoms. These atoms were created with divine power and innumerable stars, planets and sun were created from approximately a hundred elements. We call them altogether the universe and we know very well that it could not have come into existence by itself and it could not have emerged with the evolution of another universe.


Let us have a look at the Solar System: It is not that it emerged with the evolution of another system.


It has been proved that all species have a different genetic structure today. The growth of living beings happens in accordance with this genetic structure and divine program. The One who owns infinite knowledge and power exposes billions of seeds, eggs and sperms to a perfect process and He creates books out of dots and oceans out of drops.


The ones who support the philosophy of evolution do not take this infinite mercy and this divine training into consideration at all and address people as follows: Neither this universe, nor your own existence is worthy of pondering over! Put them aside! Just ponder over from which animal did the first human being evolve!..


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