At what age are Muslims obligated to pray five times daily?

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At what age are Muslims obligated to pray five times daily? Is there a difference between males and females in this regard?
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Since people can differentiate between the good and the bad, the right and the wrong after they become baligh (reach the age of puberty), our Lord does not question us about the age of childhood but He questions us beginning from the age of puberty about our obligations like prayers and fasting; thus our religious obligations start from the age of puberty. 
– However, the starting point of the age of puberty is not definite. It may start any time for a boy beginning from the age of 12 and for a girl from the age of 9 until they become 15 years old.
It starts with a wet dream or ejaculation for a boy and with menstruation for a girl; beginning from that day when the sexual feeling starts, all of the religious obligations start to be recorded in the book of deeds one by one as “fulfilled” or “not fulfilled”.

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