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see im 12 and my mom told me im saqir-and i dont have to pray until im 15.and its hard for me 2 pray-and i miss fajr a lot-so is it haram for someone under 15 to not pray?and are kids under 15 go to jannah becuase there book of life is not opened?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is necessary to reach the age of puberty for the daily prayers to be obligatory. It is obligatory for a boy to perform daily prayers when he starts to have wet dreams or to ejaculate. If he starts to have wet dreams or to ejaculate before he is 15, it becomes obligatory for him to perform daily prayers. If you have not had any wet dreams or have not ejaculated yet, you are not regarded to have committed sins; however, we advise you to perform your daily prayers regularly beginning from now, acting upon the word of the Prophet, “Have your children perform prayers when they are ten years old.” Thus, you will not have any difficulties in the future.

Take precautions in order to wake up for the morning prayer. Tell your family to wake you up or set an alarm clock. Before you go to bed, pray to Allah in order to wake up for the morning prayer. We hope you will wake up more easily by doing so.

The children who die before reaching the age of puberty will go to Paradise.

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