Can you recite the same Surah (chapters of the Holy Qur’an) in every Rak'ah?

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Can you recite the same Surah in every Rak'ah (a unit of the salat (prayer)?
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If you do not know any other surahs (chapters of the Holy Qur’an) you can recite it. However, if you know any other surahs, you have to recite different surahs in every rak’ah (a unit of the salat (prayer)).

If an ayah (verse) has been repeated in a salat or a surah has been recited twice in a rak’ah or a surah has been recited in two rak’ahs, it depends on the kind of salat whether it is makrooh or not. If that salat performed alone is a nafila salat, it is not makrooh (abominable). However, if it is a fard (obligatory) salat, it is makrooh unless there are excuses such as forgetting or not knowing any other surahs.

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