Is it permissible to apply to a hodja in order to break a spell?

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Is it permissible to apply to a hodja in order to break a spell?
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It is not appropriate to apply to anyone regarding the issue. One can act in accordance with the recommendations of scholars whose knowledge and taqwa (fear of Allah) are trusted and who help people only for the sake of Allah without expecting any material interests.

There is no drawback to an authorized person trying to break the spell (magic) on a person exposed to magic. If some expenses are needed, it is permissible for the exposed person to pay for them. However, it is obvious that those who do it to earn money and especially those who bargain about it have other aims than the content of Allah. It is not permissible to do something like that.

If a person takes refuge in Allah, if he is careful about belief and worshipping, and if he does not heed the temptations of the devil that is effective in magic, the effect of the devil on him is decreased and he is protected from the effect of magic. What the devil does is to terrify through inculcation, to cast doubts, to produce delusions and groundless apprehensions and to make ineffective promises. As a matter of fact, the following is stated in the Quran: "Satan makes them promises, and creates in them false desires; but Satan's promises are nothing but deception." (an-Nisa, 120)

The terms “making promises” and “creating false desires” mentioned in the verse are general terms. However, it may be related to the issue because man hopes many things. Sometimes he is so much obsessed with his hopes and expectations that he fascinates himself and applies to magicians for the things that he wants them to happen. It takes place because he tries to do it although he knows it is wrong and because the devil makes him promises. It is usually related to haram acts. That is, man thinks that he is under spell and that some people are involved with it and he invites the illness. However, the truth may not be as he thinks.

As a matter of fact, the following is stated in the verses, "No authority has he over those who believe and put their trust in their Lord. His authority is over those only who take him as patron and who join partners with Allah.” (an-Nahl, 99-100) As for domination, man needs to have sincerity as well as belief. It is stated that the devil cannot have domination over sincere people and that Allah will protect those people. However the devil is allowed “to seduce people who do not have sincerity and trust in Allah if he can among them with his (seductive) voice, to make assaults on them with his cavalry and his infantry, to mutually share with them wealth and children and to make promises to them. (al-İsra, 63-65) It originates from the fact that the life we live is a test for us; the devil is not given full authority. Besides, the devil can only inculcate man delusions.

What is clearly understood is that the people that the devil influences and disturbs are those who pave the way for him to approach them and who facilitates it. The devil cannot have an absolute influence on the sincere slaves of Allah. Even if the devil tries to influence them, they will cope with him by praying, worshipping and reading the book of Allah. Besides, the following is stated at the end of the verse that was sent down regarding magic and magicians: ”But they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah's permission." (al-Baqara, 102)

When it is accepted that magic is true, it is indisputable that it can influence everybody. However, there are some people that it influences more. They are the people who give importance to the delusions and apprehensions of the devil and who are open to those kinds of things. Those kinds of people set themselves like a clock and make themselves ill because the devil only apprehends them and tries to show them what is wrong as right. In fact, those who assume that they see and hear different sounds or visions that are not present are those who are apprehensive, who have weak belief, who do not pray or worship, who do not give importance to their duties towards Allah and who neglect their worship. As a matter of fact, they are mentioned in the verses 52-55 of the chapter al-Hajj.  

Apart from those that we mentioned above, there are some people who have taqwa but are influenced by magic. However, the influence of magic can be prevented by surrendering to and trusting in Allah fully, reciting daily prayers, performing daily prayers carefully, reading some pages from the Quran and reading the chapters and prayers from the Quran that Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) advised. Although people with evil intentions do magic, Allah has absolute power over everybody and everything; His power is superior to the power of all of the magicians and the jinn and devils that help them. It is Allah Who created those who claim that they have power. Nothing will happen if He does not will. As a matter of fact, God Almighty sent down the chapters al-Falaq and an-Nas regarding the magic done to Hazrat Prophet and wanted him to read them and to take refuge in Him. Hazrat Prophet did so and recovered. Thus, our Prophet caused the attempts of the magicians to become abortive and disappointed them. 

As a matter of fact, the following is stated in a verse: "Those who fear Allah, when a thought of evil from Satan assaults them, bring Allah to remembrance, when lo! they see (aright)!" (al-Araf, 201) As it is pointed out in the verse, the first thing someone who has been influenced by Satan should do is to take refuge in Allah. What Allah orders His slaves is to be careful about harams and halals, to pay attention to their prayers and worshipping, and to turn to Allah in spiritually and materially clean feelings and thoughts, having good intentions. Satan will say on the Day of Judgment that what he promised was deception and what he showed to be true was a lie; he will reproach and leave the magicians and those who followed them helpless. (İbrahim, 14:22)

What is understood from verse 102 of chapter al-Baqara is that the greatest influence of magic is on spirits; it distorts thoughts, dissuades hearts, destroys ethics and upsets the community. Then, one should not deceive himself by saying there is nothing like magic and should beware of such magicians.

However, those who do magic cannot harm anyone if Allah does not permit them because the real influence is not in the hands of magic, magicians, nature, spirit, the earth, the sky, the devil or angels. The real influence is in the hands of Allah. Anything that can harm or benefit people can only take place by the permission of Allah. Therefore, one should fear Allah at first, and take refuge in Allah; he should act in accordance with the book of Allah to be able to resist them.


"Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind, The King (or Ruler) of Mankind― The Allah (or Judge) of Mankind― From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper)― (The same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind― Among Jinn and among Men.." (an-Nas, 1-6.)

The last three chapters of the Quran that are read against the seen and known, and unseen and unknown secret enemies and that are regarded as prayers through which one can take refuge in Allah and named as “muawwidhat”, that is the chapters of “al-Ikhlas, al-Falaq and an-Nasare remedies for all kinds of troubles; so to speak, they are the aspirins of the drugstore of the Quran. Therefore, one should take refuge in Allah through them and should be protected from the darkness of the night, and from the evil of the devils, jinn, magicians and the whisperers of evil.

As it is known, the influence of the magic is closely connected with the psychological mood of the person, pessimism, apprehensions and doubts. In the chapters of al-Falaq and an-Nas, those points are emphasized people are asked to take refuge only in Allah both in normal situations and when something like that happens to them. As a matter of fact, the following is stated in the Quran, "Likewise did We make for every Messenger an enemy,― evil ones men and Jinn, inspiring each other with flowery discourses by way of deception." (al-Anam, 112.)

According to the verse above, we can see that man is open to all kinds of dangers, that man can be deceived easily by the enemies from jinn and people through nice and fascinating words that he hears or through fiction in books whose real intentions are not known. We also understand that man should listen to people in the name of Allah and start something in the name of Him by saying audhu…basmala… read the books that he reads in the name of Him and by saying audhu…basmala… with the intention of receiving messages related to the truth. Satan cannot work comfortably in the actions that is started and finished in the name of Allah. The evil intentions of the magicians and some literature men and philosophers that aim to deceive people can only be overcome by doing so. Otherwise, they can deceive people and fascinate their readers and listeners by enchanting them in the course of the issue. Besides, most of the people who are corrupted are corrupted like that. Therefore, in those three chapters, people are asked to start with the belief of oneness reading the chapter of al-Ikhlas and then take refuge in Allah by reading the chapters al-Falaq and an-Nas. 

As a matter of fact, Yazır interpreted that chapter in detail and reported a hadith that Qurtubi reported from Abu Zar while interpreting that chapter. In that hadith, Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) attracted attention to the devils among men and said, “Did you not take refuge in Allah from the devils among men?” (Hak Dini Kuran Dili, X. 191 )

In short, if we give importance to our prayers and worshipping in our daily life, take refuge in Allah through our prayers and be close to Him as it is necessary, we will be under His protection and be protected from magic, and magicians and evil spirits that can do magic.
While I was doing this research about magic, I met a medium whom I was wondering about. As a result of the insistence of my friends, I asked him to search for me. He looked in the water and called the jinn and asked them whether there was a spell on me. Then, he looked in the water and then at me a few times and asked me, “How do you protect yourself?” I said , “What do you mean?” He asked, “What do you read every day?” I asked what happened. He said, “They tried to do magic on you several times but they could not manage to do it. If they had done it to a normal person who was not protected by a special prayer, he would have been finished by now.” I told him that I read Jawshan al-Kabir (a prayer book) every day and that I read my prayers and tasbihat (glorification of Allah) in accordance with sunnah after performing prayers.

In the case of magic, instead of applying to magicians whom we know to be in contact with evil spirits and to do wrong things, we should apply to doctors and medicine in order to be treated. In the treatment with prayers, we should apply to the prayers that the Messenger of Allah advised and the prayers from the Quran that we mentioned above. It would be the best to follow the following recommendations that Hazrat Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) reported and our Prophet (pbuh) himself did; "When Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) went to bed, he blew his breath into his hands and read the muawwidhatayn (chapters al-Falaq and an-Nas) and al-Ikhlas, then he rubbed his hands on his face and body; he repeated it three times. When he was ill, he asked me to do the same thing to him." (Bukhari, Fadail-ul Quran, 14, Tibb,39)

Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) did not send the people with an illness to magicians for treatment. He sent them either to doctors or to the drugstore of the Quran and the Sunnah. Thus, he wanted people to benefit from universal standards. Besides, Allah, the Exalted, stated that the Quran was a mercy and healing for believers (al-İsra,82) and showed us the Quran as a reference for our spiritual troubles.

Arif ARSLAN, Büyü Fal Ve Kehanet (Fortunetelling, Magic and Prophecy)

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