Can't Qur'an be the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? If not, how can it be proven?

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As-salamu`alaykum I want to ask at what age did Mohammad (PBUH) start to meditate or go to mount Hira before his prophethood? We know that Prophet Mohammad was illiterate but I am having doubt that if Mohammad (PBUH) used to go to meditate in Mount Hira then it is possible that someone also went with him to that cave to teach him how to read and write. It is true that there are scientific miracles in the Quran but at the same time I feel as if some parts of the Quran are from human. Could you please prove me that Quran is 100% God's words.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

One who accepts that the Quran is the words of Allah cannot say that some parts of it are the words of a human being. Allah does not allow it: “And if the messenger were to invent any sayings in Our name, We should certainly seize him by his right hand, and We should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart. Nor could any of you withhold him (from Our wrath).” (al-Haaqqah, 44-47).

Answer 1:

Hira is the name of a mountain three miles to the northeast of Makkah and a cave in this mountain has become famous in Islamic history since the first revelation was sent to the Prophet therein. This mountain is also called Jabal-an Noor (The Mountain of Divine Light) because it is the place where the first revelation was sent down.

Before the duty of delivering Allah’s messages was given to him and especially after the age of 35, The Prophet often went up to the cave in the Hira Mountain for seclusion in order to run away from Makkah’s atmosphere full of immorality, injustice and cruelty. There he used to worship Allah by pondering about His existence, His oneness, might and greatness; and people’s disobedience, immorality and perversity against Him although they are weak and in need of Allah. Then when he was worshipping Allah in that cave at the age of forty, the first revelation was sent to him and he was given prophethood.

The Messenger continued visiting the Hira Mountain after he was given prophethood as well. For instance, one day he climbed the peak of the Hira Mountain with a group from his companions and at that time the mountain started to tremble. Then the Prophet said to it: “Calm down, O Hira! Who stands on you now is either a prophet or a loyal follower of Prophet or a martyr” (Muslim, Fadailu’s Sahaba, 50)

Can’t Qur’an be the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? If not, how can it be proven?

Answer 2:

The claim that the Noble Qur’an is the word of the Prophet or another person has been frequently put forth by few people of the age of ignorance who were consumed with rage and by some Western or Eastern scientists who are enemy against Qur’an. The aim here is to confuse the minds of ignorant and rude people. We think that just like the idolaters of past, the idolaters of today also behave intentionally and without thinking in this issue and speak maliciously. For, if Qur’an is viewed with justice, no matter by whom, it will be seen that it is too superior and too divine to be attributed to a human.

Now, we will just remind the outline, referring the deep analysis of this serious matter to the great books of great men:

1) In the first place, the style of Qur’an and that of hadiths were so different that Arabs would find the sayings of the Prophet aside from Qur’an suited to their conversations and ways of speaking, but before Qur’an they could not but be conquered by amazement and astonishment.

2) While reading hadiths, the image of a person who thinks, speaks and who is bent double with the fear of God can be felt behind. However, in the voice of Quran, a great power, an awesome air and an imposing accent can be felt. In the address and words of a person, it is neither reasonable nor possible to feel two very different styles together.

3) It is before else a situation contrary to the truths of mind and reason for an illiterate man-may souls be sacrificed for this illiterate-who did not attend any school or whatever to bring about and establish a flawless, individual, domestic, social, economic and judicial system; especially if this system is so wonderful as to be practiced by many a nation, no matter friend or enemy for centuries, and if it retained its freshness up to this day.

4) In Quran, such issues as existence, life and concerned with these; worship, justice and economy are handled in such a balanced and proper way that it is in a way not recognizing a person conveying it to overlook these facts and to deem it a word of a human being; because even a single one of the above issues, with its peculiarities like eternity and being above time, is beyond the capacity of the greatest geniuses. It is a groundless claim to attribute a book with a rich content- each one of hundreds of its issues is far beyond the capacity of several geniuses-to an illiterate person who attended no school whatsoever.

5) Quran is also wonderful in respect to the news it gave concerning the past and the future and thus it cannot be a human saying. Today, the living styles of the former tribes, their good or bad end, which have been discovered lately, are the same as is narrated by Quran word for word. Here are prophets, like Saleh, Lot and Moses, here are their tribes, and here are their places, each a source of lesson on its own.

Just as the tidings of the past given by Quran are definite and correct, the tidings Quran gives us about the future are as important and each a miracle on its own. For instance, as Quran announced that Mecca would be conquered and that the Kaba would be visited safely many years before it happened in the verse: “you will certainly enter the Sacred Mosque, if God wills, in full security, with your heads shaven or your hair cut short” (Al-Fath Surah, 48:27); Quran declared that Islam would be victorious over all fake systems in the verse: “He it is Who has sent His Messenger with the Divine guidance and the Religion of truth that He may make it prevail over all religions. God suffices for a witness (for the truth of His promise and the mission of His Messenger).” (Al-Fath Surah, 48:28). Likewise, Quran proclaimed that the Sasanids, who were seemingly victorious over Romans that day, would be defeated and that at the same time Muslims would rejoice over the victory of Badr, with the good tidings: “The Byzantine Romans have been defeated; In the lands close-by, but they, after their defeat, will be victorious; within a few (nine) years – to God belongs the command (the absolute judgment and authority) both before and after (any event) – and at the time (when the Romans are victorious), the believers will rejoice.” (Ar-Rum Surah, 30:2-4), and when the time came, it turned out just as Quran said. In the same way, with the verse: “O Messenger (you who convey and embody the Message in the best way)! Convey and make known in the clearest way all that has been sent down to you from your Lord. For, if you do not, you have not conveyed His Message and fulfilled the task of His Messengership. And God will certainly protect you from the people. God will surely not guide the disbelieving people (to attain their goal of harming or defeating you).” (Al-Ma’idah Surah, 5:67), the Prophet was promised a secure life although he was surrounded by enmities from his closest uncle to enemy nations and states, and it happened as was promised.

Quran expressed that with the discovery of diverse branches of science, the space and the self would be turned upside down and examined carefully, that scientific discoveries and new findings would force people to believe with the miraculous announcement: “We will show them Our manifest signs (proofs) in the horizons of the universe and within their own selves, until it will become manifest to them that it (the Qur’an) is indeed the truth. Is it not sufficient (as proof) that your Lord is a witness over all things (just as He is witnessed to by all things)?” (Fussilat Surah, 41:53); and today we are rapidly drawing close to that point.

Besides, although Quran has been challenging and irritating its enemies since it was revealed saying “Say: Surely, if humankind and jinn were to come together to produce the like of this Qur’an, they will never be able to produce the like of it, though they backed one another up with help and support.” (Al-Isra’ Surah, 17:88), it confirms its declarations and shows that it is a miracle that no one ever attempted and could attempt to produce the like of it, except for a couple of unfortunate.

In the first years Quran was being revealed, Muslims were poor, weak, and powerless and they had no idea about the future. They had neither a state nor the dynamics to gain sovereignty and to turn systems upon earth upside down and knew nothing of the power source of the new religion. However, with the verse: “God has promised those of you who believe and do good, righteous deeds that He will most certainly empower them as vicegerents on the earth (in the place of those who are in power at present), even as He empowered those (of the same qualities) that preceded them, and that, assuredly, He will firmly establish for them their Religion, which He has (chosen and) approved of for them, and He will replace their present state of fear with security (so that they can practice their Religion freely and fully and in peace).” (An-Nur Surah, 24:55), Quran showed them these great aims and gave them the good news of becoming the ruler over earth.

There are so many verses like these about the future, victories and defeats, progresses and regresses of Islam and Muslims that it is not possible to mention all of them here.

Most of the news about future given by Quran is comprised by the verses about the final limits various branches of science will reach. The news given by Quran in short signs about scientific findings is so wonderful and so superior that as it is not possible to overlook these expressions of it about this issue, it is not also possible to call it words a person.

As many works have been written about the wonders expressed by hundreds of verses directly, with proofs and as a sign, by referring the extensive explanation of this matter to them, we will record the points indicated by some exemplary verses.

1. The Creation of the Universe
The elevated truth explained by the verse: “Do those who disbelieve ever consider that the heavens and the earth were at first one piece, and then We parted them as separate entities; and that We have made every living thing from water? Will they still not come to believe?” (Al-Anbiya Surah, 21:30) is the most fixed and unchangeable principle about the creation, although different views about its details have been put forward. The result would not change whether the unity and the separation explained in the verse are in the fashion of whether the separation of bodies composed of gases into nebulas or its being separated into systems like the Solar System and then forming and its turning into systems perfectly in order with orbits, or the separation, diffusion and holding in control of a smoke. In respect to its content and style, the verse has always been a source of light for scientific researches; it retained its freshness although all claims, theories and hypotheses became worn out and were finally cast away; it reached this day and seems a candidate to rule over the future.

2. Astronomy
There are so many verses in Quran that would function as a base for Astronomy that it would require volumes of books to gather them together and analyze each one. We will suffice with the indications of a few verses.

God it is Who has raised the heavens without pillars you can see, then He established Himself on the Supreme Throne; and He made the sun and the moon subservient to His command, each running its course for a term appointed by Him.” (Ar-Ra’d Surah, 13:2)

Just as the verse reminds the rising, extending and expanding of the heavens, it also expresses that everything is in order and face to face and side by side with the expression ‘without pillars you can see.’ Yes, it is true that there is no visible pillar that prevents the heavens from falling apart; however, it is not completely without a pillar. For, in order for bodies not to fall apart and not to collide with each other, the existence of such a pillar, in terms of principle and rule that would form the basis for the present order, is vital, whether it is visible or not.

With this expression, Quran makes us think the principle of centrifugal force between masses; and it makes no difference whether this matches the principle of pull by Newton or the relativity by Einstein.
It is especially interesting that the verse expresses that the Sun and the Moon run its course and it is worth pondering on. Quran makes it clear that the Sun, the Moon and other planets were created according to an order, represent a harmony and are based on a set truth with the verses: “The sun and the moon are by an exact calculation (of the All-Merciful).” (Ar-Rahman Surah, 55:5); “It is He Who has created the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Every one (of such celestial bodies) floats in its orbit.” (Al-Anbiya Surah, 21:33); “And the sun runs the course appointed for it for a term to its resting-place for the stability of it(s system); All (the celestial bodies and systems) float in an orbit (determined for each).” (Ya-Sin Surah, 36:38-40)

The Roundness of the Earth
The verse “He wraps the night around the day and He wraps the day around the night (until one covers the other completely)” (Az-Zumar Surah, 39:5) explains the day and the night following one another with the word ‘wrap’; as light and darkness wrap the earth like a turban. In another verse, the furthest point is shown to researchers with the expression: “And after that He has spread out the earth in the egg-shape (for habitability).” (An-Nazi’aat Surah, 79:30)

About the Expansion of Space:
And the heaven, We have constructed it mightily, and it is surely We Who have vast power, and keep expanding it.” (Adh-Dhariyat Surah, 51:47). It would make no difference whether this expansion happens the way Einstein explains it or the way Edwin Hubble explains as the distancing of nebulas from the galaxy which contains the sun. What is important is that Quran points out the main subject and then reaches the peaks far above the sciences based on discoveries and from there sheds light on their ways.

3. Meteorology
Weather currents, intensification of clouds, polarization of the weather, flashing of lightening and the formation of thunderbolts are among the mostly mentioned subjects in Quran sometimes in reminding the favors of God and sometimes in warning people. For example, “Do you not see that God gently drives the clouds, then joins them together, (completing the formation of a circuit between them,) and then turns them into a thick mass, and consequently you see rain-drops issue out of their midst. He sends down hail out of snow-laden mountains (of clouds) from the sky, and smites with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills.” (An-Nur Surah, 24:43)

By reminding the peak of rain, as in every part of it, here also Quran explains the way rain and hail form and then their falling down in relation to certain disciplines, in order to show the bestowing hand behind the phenomena that set the heavens in uproar and that inspire awe and frighten like clouds, rain, lightning and thunderbolts and in order to call souls into wakefulness in the face of all these and it does this in such a way that nearly everyone understands the way rain and hail form without contradicting with what is known today and admires the style of Quran. It does not occupy itself with such details as two electric currents different in kind pulling one another, with two electric charges identical in kind pushing one another, with winds coming into action and uniting these clouds that push one another, with the occurrence of electrification as a result of the unification of positive charged currents with the electric present in the air hole and at this point the descent of vapor as drops of water. It handles the main event and the essential subject; and leaves it to the explanation of time to disclose and name the details.

The verse in the Al-Hijr Surah: “And We send the winds to fertilize, and so We send down water from the sky, and give it to you to drink (and use in other ways); it is not you who are the keepers of its stores (under earth).” (Al-Hijr Surah, 15:22) adds a new dimension to the issue and not only points out the function of winds in the pollination of trees and flowers, but also reminds especially their function of fertilizing clouds. However, when Quran was revealed, the needs of neither the grass, the tree, the flower nor the clouds were known; and no one was aware that winds fulfilled this important duty, either.

4. Physics
The material, which is the main component of existence, and its properties of being either single or in pairs are among the subjects Quran deals with.

For example; from the verse: “And all things We have created in pairs, so that you may reflect and be mindful.” (Adh-Dhariyat Surah, 51:49), it is understood that everything is created in pairs and that this is an important principle addressing all times in respect to the content Quran makes use of. In another verse in Ash-Shu’ara Surah it is said: “Have they not considered the earth, how many of every noble kind We have caused to grow therein in pairs?” (Ash-Shu’ara Surah, 26:7) and thus hundreds of thousands of pairs that are re-created every year before our eyes are pointed out and the favors of God are reminded. The verse in Ya-Sin Surah is more general and more interesting: “All-Glorified is He (in that He is absolutely exalted above having any peer or partner), Who has created the pairs all together out of what the earth produces, as well as out of themselves, and out of what they do not know.” (Ya-Sin Surah, 36:36) and it is made clear that as well as the creatures in pairs we know of and have discovered, there are many other pairs we have yet to know.

God invites us to contemplate by reminding us that everything is in pairs except Him, whether alive or lifeless, whether in the heavens or on the earth, with whatever properties they are equipped with, from humans as male and female, to the pairs of grasses and trees; from the duality of electron and nucleus in atoms to the opposite pairs of material and anti-material, which serves as a reminder of all his favors.

There are so many other divine declarations aside from the verse we mentioned above just to give an idea that owing to the fact that they are each a miracle on their own, they clearly prove both that Quran is the utterance of God and that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is His messenger.

With its peculiar style and in such a pithy and supreme way, Quran handles its content from the start of life upon earth to the pollination and reproduction of plants, from the creation of groups of animals to certain principles with which they continue their lives, from the mysterious worlds of the honey bee and the ant to the bird’s joys of flying, from the ways how the animal milk is formed to the phases the human undergoes in the mother’s womb; that leaving aside our interpretations, whenever they are applied to, it will be seen that Quran stays always fresh and young and that it shows the furthest goals the sciences can reach.

Now that a book shows even the points further than the point thousands of people could reach after the working and trials of I don’t know how many centuries, that gives the outline and basis of the issue in a commanding manner; it is not possible to attribute this book even to the efforts of hundreds and thousands of geniuses dealing with different branches of science, let alone to a person fourteen centuries before. Especially if this book is rich in content, remarkable in expressions, supreme in style and divine in accent, like Quran…

Let us turn back and ask our addressee: From whom did this person, renowned for his illiteracy, learn the way milk is formed in living beings, in that age of ignorance when no school or book was known? How could he know that winds act as fertilizers, that they fertilize plants and clouds, and the points at which rain and hail form? Who taught him that the earth is in an elliptical shape? In which observatory and with which great telescopes did he discover the expansion of the universe? In which laboratory did he learn the elements of atmosphere and that the more we ascend upward, the less oxygen there remains? With which instruments of X-ray did he find out the phases the embryo goes through in the mother’s womb in the exactly correct way? And then he told all these and many others to his addressees with the air of a scientist who knows the details of all this knowledge and who is expert in his field and in an unwavering, doubtless and confident manner?

Just as Quran guides Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) explaining his duties, responsibilities and authorities; it here and there warns him according to his level and thus leads him, as well.

For instance; since he permitted the hypocrites though he should not have, Quran warned him: “May God give you grace! Why did you give them leave to stay behind until it became clear to you who was speaking the truth and you came to know the liars.” (At-Taubah Surah, 9:43). And it also warned him about his application in the issue of the slaves of the Badr War: “It is not for a Prophet to have captives until he has widely exhausted the enemies in the land. You (O believers) seek the fleeting gains of the present, worldly life, but God wills that the Hereafter will be yours. God is All-Glorious with irresistible might, All-Wise.” (Al-Anfal Surah, 8:67) and; “Had there not been a previous decree from God (concerning that gains of war are lawful and captives can be released in return for ransom), a tremendous punishment would surely have touched you because of what you took (the gains of war, and the captives taken in expectation of ransom, before the enemies’ power in the land had been sufficiently suppressed and exhausted).” (Al-Anfal Surah, 8:68)

Once, because he said ‘I will do this tomorrow’ without referring it to the ordaining of God, Quran issued the commandment and the warning: “And do not say about anything (you intend), "I will do it tomorrow," Without (adding) "If God wills." And remember and mention Him (straightaway) should you forget (to do so when expressing an intention for the future). And say: "I hope that my Lord will guide me to what is nearer to right conduct than this (forgetfulness of mine)."” (Al-Kahf Surah, 18:23-24); and another time it made the warning that it is God who should be feared: “…you were feeling apprehensive of people (that they might react in a way harmful to their faith), while God has a greater right that you should fear Him…” (Al-Ahzab Surah, 33:37)

When he swore not to drink honey sherbet due to the behaviors of his wives in an issue, Quran warned him harshly: “O Prophet (you who are the greatest representative of Prophethood)! Why do you forbid (yourself) what God has made lawful to you? You seek to please your wives. And God is All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate.” (At-Tahrim Surah, 66:1)

In many more verses like these, while, on the one hand, the limits of his duty, responsibility and authorities are set; on the other, at the times-though few-when these limits are not complied with and the duty and the responsibility were not carried out as it should be, he was warned and here and there harsh warnings were made.

Now, is it possible that a person publishes a book and then puts expressions of warning and of condemnation in its certain places. Of course not! This book is the book of God and this person is its honorable conveyer.

The Noble Quran is a miracle of eloquence and has no equal in this field. In this respect, it is not possible to ascribe it to a human.

There were a great many poets and authors who could attract crowds when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) came up with prophethood. The majority of them were enemy against him. From time to time, they would come together and try to devise a way to put forth the like of Quran and at any cost to defeat it. Furthermore, they would sometimes consult with the learned from Jews and Christians. They resolved to do anything that occurred to them to stop the waterfall of Quran. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), who continued his upright way for all these obstructions and obstacles and for all the oppositions that escape imagination, would answer back every kind of unbelief only with Quran and completed his struggle with victory, especially for all these enemies.

In such a time that the great representatives of eloquence together with the learned from Christians and Jews united as a single front and thus set everywhere in uproar, Quran entered the hearts of its addresses with its supreme eloquence, with its charming utterance, dazzling style and with its awe-inspiring depth of meaning and spirituality; it became a voice so great as to echo from atom to the universe. It ceaselessly warned and challenged its enemies: Although it calls out: ‘You, too, put forth a book like Quran, at least something equivalent to one of its surahs, or at least a similar verse; otherwise scatter and clear off!’ and although it has been repeating the same challenges with the verses: “If you are in doubt about the Divine authorship of what We have been sending down on Our servant (Muhammad) (and claim that it is the work of a human being like Muhammad who is illiterate), then produce just a surah like it and call for help to all your supporters, all those (to whom you apply for help apart from God), if you are truthful in your doubt and claim.” (Al-Baqarah Surah, 2:23); “Say: "Surely, if humankind and jinn were to come together to produce the like of this Qur’an, they will never be able to produce the like of it, though they backed one another up with help and support.” (Al-Isra’ Surah, 17:88); “Or they say (about the Messenger): "He fabricates it (the Qur’an)"? Say (to them): "Then produce ten invented surahs like it (in eloquence, meaningfulness and truth), and call to your aid whomever you can, apart from God, if you are truthful (in your claim, not deluded or just making up excuses to justify your unbelief).” (Hud Surah, 11:13); there have been no answer to the challenge of Quran except by some unfortunates, which shows that it is not of human origin. As is recorded in history, even though the enemies of Quran tried to do every evil against it and its conveyer Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), they did not even imagine producing the like of Quran. If they could, they would have deadened the voice of Quran and would not have chosen the way of war which is full of dangers.

It is the clearest evidence to the fact that the like of Quran cannot be produced that these great masters of eloquence chose the way of war putting their most valuables like honor and even chastity in jeopardy. If it were possible to produce the like of it, they would have preferred to resist this way rather than to fight and would never have put their lives in danger.

When it was understood that Arabian poets and authors could not produce the like of Quran, it is an expression of despair to search a source for it among Jews and Christians. Moreover, if Christians and Jews had the capacity to prepare a book with such a content and richness in expression, why would they ascribe it to someone else? They would have said all the better: ‘We made it’ and would have thus taken pride in it.

Furthermore; in spite of a couple of careless or malicious Western scientists and idolaters, a good many scientists, researchers and intellectuals could not hide their admiration for Quran’s richness of content and power of expression and applauded it.

Charles Milles; In terms of the richness in its style, Quran has an air so supreme that the like of it cannot be produced, nor can it be translated…

Victor Imberdes; Quran possesses such a rich content as to be a source for all the principles of law…

Ernest Renan; Quran made not only a religious revolution, but also a literary one…

Gustave Le Bon; Sent through Quran, Islam issues the purest creed of oneness to the world…

CI. Huart; Quran is the word of God and it was conveyed to Prophet Mohammad via revelation…

H. Holman; Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the last one of God’s prophets, and Islam is the last one of the revealed religions...

Emile Dermenyhem; Quran is the prominent miracle of the Prophet (PBUH), and it is an impenetrable mystery in respect to its literary beauty…

Arthur Bellegri; Quran conveyed by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the work of God Himself…

Jean Paul Roux; The biggest miracle of the Prophet is the Noble Quran sent by the angel…

Raymond Charles; Quran is the still valid and the most lively one of the scriptures God revealed to believers…

Dr. Maurice; Quran is a wonder and a miracle high above any kind of opposition and criticism; moreover, it is a literary source for the people interested in literature, a treasure of expressions for linguists and a source of inspiration for poets…

Manuel King; Quran is the sum of the commandments the Prophet received from God in the course of his prophethood…

Mr. Rodwell; One is amazed as long as he reads Quran…

Answer 3:

Virtually, Allah’s Word does not resemble the way men talk by any means. Firstly, while we are talking, we use our tongues, mouths, teeth, vocal cords and lungs which Allah bestowed us. In the meantime, the brain organizes the coordination between those organs and our feelings through a mechanism the mystery of which we have not discovered yet. Then, with Allah’s permission, we load, in the way Allah taught us, our words and expressions to the air, which is His creation too, and send them to listening ears. Our ears, which are designed like private stereophonic studios for each of us, collect the voices and transmit them to the brain. Codes are deciphered in the brain and we comprehend the meaning of what we hear in the limits of our knowledge.

We need particular organs and equipments for both talking and listening. Moreover, our talking and listening has limits. We can talk in the rate of our knowledge and as much as we can express ourselves. We use our voice as much as our vocal cords permit. Our ears cannot hear the voices which are under or over certain levels. Additionally, we make sense of the voices we hear in comparison to our knowledge and comprehension.

Allah who taught us to talk can surely talk. He who bestowed us the ability of hearing can hear definitely. However, his speech and listening do not resemble ours. If they resembled, He would need what we needed. However, He is the One who creates all what we need. Would the Creator need what He created?

After distinguishing Allah’s Word from men’s talk with exact boundaries, we find ourselves being addressed the following question:

As human beings who need many things for talking and hearing, how can we hear and how can we comprehend the speech of Allah Who needs nothing?

We cannot exceed the bestowed abilities no matter how much we want. Our eyes recognize light but cannot see radio waves, which indeed have similar nature. In addition, our eyes have an endurance limit for light. Trying to exceed this limit could yield being deprived of our eyes forever: for example, looking at the sun for a long time during the day!

Consequently, there are two ways in order to be able to hear Allah’s speech: either Allah will bestow us such abilities to provide hearing His Divine speech, or He will talk in the form which we can listen and understand.

The first way, as we learned from the Quran, is an extremely exceptional incidence which was bestowed as a miracle upon Hazrat Musa (Moses). Since not every individual human being can be a Moses, the second way is chosen lest entire human being should be deprived of Allah’s words. Actually, the second way was preferred. The Quran was revealed as a book in the form of which we can comprehend by reading, we can make as the point of reference for every stage of this world and the Hereafter and we can learn and teach one another. If it were not in the form of human speech, how could we hear it? Even if we heard it, how would we recite and repeat it? If we did not read it, how would we benefit from it? If we did not benefit from it, what wisdom (reason) would exist in its revelation?

Apart from his miracles and special attributes, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a human being in all his actions, conducts, and behaviors. He submitted to and complied with the Divine laws and commands manifested in creation. He too suffered from the cold, experienced pain, and so on. His deeds and attributes were not all made out of the ordinary so that he could be the leader of his community through his actions, its guide through his conduct, and instruct it through all his behaviors. If he had been out of the ordinary in all his conduct, he could not himself have been the leader in every respect, the total guide of everyone, the 'Mercy to All the Worlds' through all his attributes.

Similarly, the All-Wise Qur'an is the leader for people having mind and consciousness, the guide for the believers of jinn and men. He is the teacher of those attaining perfection, and instructor of those seeking reality. Therefore, it is the necessity of the wisdom that it should be in the same form as man's talking and understanding style. Men and jinn learn their worshipping their prayers from it; they express their concerns in its language, and learn from it the rules of social behavior, the laws and the secrets of the universe. Everyone has recourse to it. If, therefore, it had been in the form of the Divine speech which the Prophet Moses heard on the Mount Sinai, man could not have endured listening to it and hearing it, nor could man made it the point of reference and recourse. Hazrat Moses, one of the five greatest prophets, could only endure to hear a few words.

The goal of the devil or the ones who ask such questions under the leadership of devil is to represent a resemblance as the sameness and by this way, to cheat man. Actually, they refer to a nonsensical way known as “paralogia” in psychology. Assume a patient saying, “a table has for legs, so does a cat. Therefore they are the same.” Similarly, the devil says “Men talk by means of words and sentences and the Quran is written by using words and sentences. Therefore, the Quran is a word of man.” and he attempts to deceit people. As a matter of fact, every for legged thing is not a cat; similarly, expressing oneself by means of words does not only pertain to man . The devil himself, deceived Musaylama by means of fabricating many irrational stuff resembling human talk and asserting them to be Allah’s words. As for The Lord of all worlds, He, more than anyone, has the power required for revealing the most beautiful exposition of all expositions with the words and expressions which He taught us.

Quoted from the author’s article “A debate with Satan” released by Zafer Publishing.

Ümit Şimşek

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