Some people claim Although the Quran was sent to Hazrath Ali (may God be pleased with him) Gabriel brought it to Muhammad (PBUH). What can you say about this matter?

This lurid claim essentially emanated from Jews; because in the Age of Bliss, some Jews did not believe in the Quran only because it was brought by Gabriel and they said to Prophet Muhammad, Gabriel is our enemy. If it was Michael who came to you, we would have believed. In other words, the enmity of Jews against Gabriel underlies the matter.

Firstly, this verse is so clear as to leave no possibility for such sophistries:

While those who believe and do good, righteous deeds, who believe in what has been sent on Muhammad – and it is the truth from their Lord – He will blot out from them their evil deeds (which will otherwise prevent their achievement of their goals in both worlds), and set their hearts fully aright and improve their conditions (both in this world and the next). (Muhammad Surah, 47:2)

In this verse, God proclaims that He revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which Muslims must believe in him and in what is revealed to him, and that the right and the wrong are present only in the Quran.

There are two possibilities for the baseless claim above: The first one; Gabriel did this on purpose; the second; he did it by mistake.

The people who claim that although revelation came to Hazrath Ali, Gabriel brought it to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on purpose mistake angels, who are far from being deceived by the devil, for humans, who are always dragged to the wrong way by their selves and open to the deception of the devil.

It happened that sometimes envoys deceived their kings and changed their orders with intrigues. It is being openly ignorant of God and Gabriel to liken Gabriel to such an envoy.

As is known, angels are qualified as sinless just like prophets. In other words, they are innately far from sinning. They do not have the capacity for evils. It is impossible for them to rebel against God.

God Almighty describes Gabriel: That this (which informs you of all the events mentioned) is the Word (brought) by an honored messenger (Gabriel), Endowed with power, with high rank and esteem before the Lord of the Supreme Throne; One obeyed (by his aides), and trustworthy (in fulfilling Gods orders, most particularly conveying the Revelation). (At-Takwir Surah, 81:19-21)

If such a belief is accepted, then this kind of a sophistry will be the outcome:

Gabriel-God forbid-would be appointing the prophets, not God Almighty.

God warns these slanderers:
(Enmity to Gabriel, who does nothing other than what he is commanded to do by God, means enmity to God and to His will.) Whoever is an enemy to God, and His angels, and His Messengers, and (so) Gabriel, and Michael, (should know that) God is surely an enemy to the unbelievers. (Al-Baqarah Surah, 2:98)
As is seen, in the verse God takes enmity against angels and prophets as enmity against Himself and proclaims that He Himself is the enemy of those unbelievers.

As for the possibility that Gabriel did this by mistake not on purpose; i.e. mistaking Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for Ali, this is also impossible.

Gabriel is the perfect messenger of God, who is present at the same moment on thousands of stars and issues the commands of God to thousands of angels without mistaking and forgetting. His knowledge is not gained through study and work like that of human beings, but given by God. It is unreasonable to attribute mistaking and forgetting to such a Messenger of God. This means first not knowing God. Of course, it cannot be thought that God, who creates everything in the best way, created a defected and lacking messenger.

Furthermore, the Quran was not revealed all at once, but in a period of twenty three years as verses and surahs. Even if it is thought for a second that Gabriel did-God, forbid-such a mistake, God Almighty would have warned him and corrected his mistake.

Moreover, Gabriel did not see Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the first time when he was issuing revelation. He began to tend to him from his birth and his interest, protection, and service continued without a pause through his childhood and youth. In other words, even when the revelation was not sent, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was under his protection and care.

Finally, we should pay attention to this point: When revelation was given to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrath Ali was in his teens. It was impossible for even the most stupid to mistake Prophet Mohammad for Hazrath Ali. For all these clear truths, it is impossible to understand how some people have believed in this sophistry and followed this open superstition for a thousand and four hundred years.

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