Some people claim that Ali (may God be pleased with him) is not dead and that the person Ibn-i Muljam killed was-God forbid-a devil under his guise. What do you say to this?

This claim is one of the false ideas of Ibn-i Saba. This person attributed divinity to Hazrath Ali and succeeded in making his followers believe in this sophistry after Hazrath Alis death (may God be pleased with him).

At that time, some ignorant people who could not distinguish between the right and the fallacious were taken in by this superstition. Unfortunately, these people could not judge that the views of Ibn-i Saba were how much contradictory with the measures of the Quran and with the truths Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) issued.

However, it is very clear that this claim of Ibn-i Saba is contrary not only to the Quran but also to reason and intellect, knowledge and wisdom.

First, the devil was forbidden to take the guise of humans after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh0 honored this world. On the other hand, how will people, who make such claims, answer the following questions?

Could not Hazrath Hassan and Hussein and other companions (may God be pleased with them all) who were present in the mosque know that Hazrath Ali was raised to the heavens and Ibn-i Muljam killed devil in his stead. If it is claimed that they did not know, then how come Ibn-i Saba who were not even present there knew what these distinguished people did not.

Furthermore, Hazrath Hassan and Hussein brought their father to home as wounded and paid him service. According to the fallacious view of Ibn-i Saba, did they serve devil and performed its funeral prayer in his stead?

If Ibn-i Muljam killed the devil instead of Hazrath Ali, shouldnt he be rewarded? Why was retaliation applied? Did the children of Hazrath Ali become murderers by killing an innocent?

It is too big a cruelty which astonishes even devils to slander this person in such a way who feared God for all his life, who paid utmost attention to applying the judgments of the Quran both to himself and to everyone, who spent every moment of his life recalling God and who is promised the paradise.

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