We hear that some people attribute divinity to Hazrath Ali, even in small degree. What answer can you give to this claim?

In the beginning, I want to point out that the ones who first attributed divinity to Hazrath Ali were Jewish Ibn-i Saba and his friends. Ibn-i Saba, in person, said to Hazrath Alis face, -God forbid-You are God. and was exiled to Madayin by Hazrath Ali.

Unfortunately, we see that -though their number is small-some people still write poems and publish books in order to keep these deviant ideas of Ibn-i Saba alive, even though such a long time as 1400 years has passed. These false beliefs are tried to be kept alive through hidden indoctrinations. It is known by all Muslims both Alawi and Sunni that this claim is a superstition far from the truth, because it is a clear truth that Islam is a religion of oneness and denies any kind of idolatry-attributing partners to God. Islam proclaims and proves that the real One to be worshipped is God alone, neither hand-made idols, the sun, stars and fire nor animals, humans in short no creature whether living or non-living can be attributed divinity. Islam makes it known that God Almighty is the Necessarily Existent One Who has no similarity, superior or partner either in His Self, Names or in His deeds.

For this reason, it is just an unfaithful delusion that is absolutely contrary to the Quranic decrees for some to attribute divinity to Hazrath Ali, by deceiving the intentional instigations of Ibn-i Saba. No uncorrupted mind would accept such a superstition and deviation.

Those deviated who attribute divinity to Hazrath Ali have fallen into the fallacy of not being able to distinguish between the sacred nature of God and the nature of creatures.

It is a known fact that no work of art resembles its master. For example, a watch does not resemble its master in the least in respects of either its self or its quality and deeds. Although both of these are of the kind of creature, they have great differences of nature. Therefore, how can the nature of God who is the Creator of all the creatures be compared to a human being He created Himself?

Ibn-i Saba who claimed that he was Muslim surely knew all these truths. But he was after something. Well aware of all these truths, he indoctrinated the so-called divinity of Hadrat Ali to the people of Iran who had just converted from Zoroastrianism and who had not yet understood Islam completely.

Finally, I want to point out that the people who attribute divinity to Hadrat Ali are unaware of the words of even Hadrat Ali. At least if they had read his work Nahcul-Balaga that contains his sermons they would not have dared such a thing.

In all his chats, advice and sermons, he taught people faith, oneness, the right and justice all the time.

Once he was asked about oneness; his answer was as follows:

Oneness is to know God beyond all dreams that come to the heart and beyond anything man can imagine. In other words, just as human heart, mind and imagination are all created, so everything that comes to them is also created. However, God does not resemble creatures in respect of neither His Self and names nor His deeds. As anything that comes to the mind and imagination is created, it is open shirk-polytheism, ascribing partners to God- to attribute divinity to them.

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