What is revelation?

Revelation is the knowledge and information that prophets find in their spirits (hearts) directly or indirectly.

Prophets receive the judgments and truths from Allah through revelation. All of the prophets received revelation from Allah.

There are many kinds and degrees of revelation:

The most common kind of revelation is the conveyance of the divine judgments to prophets through Gabriel, the angel of revelation. The Quran was sent down like that. Gabriel conveyed the revelation in different forms. He sometimes brought revelation as he was, that is, as an angel; he sometimes brought revelation disguised as a man. Sometimes, he came without being seen with the sound of a bell or bumble and placed the revelation into the heart of prophets. 

Sometimes, Allah makes His prophets hear the commands and judgments directly. For instance, Moses received revelation directly from Allah in the Mount Sinai and Hazrat Prophet received revelation directly from Allah during the Ascension (Miraj).

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