Do concepts Jihad and War mean the same? If not, what are their differences?

The Quran, with the following verse, Say: My Prayer, and all my (other) acts and forms of devotion and worship, and my living and my dying are for God alone, the Lord of the worlds. (Al-Anam Surah, 6:162) states that all of the acts of Believers should be for Gods sake. Moreover, decreeing as, Strive in Gods cause and purely for His sake (against His enemies to raise His Word, and against Satan and your carnal, evil-commanding souls,) in a manner worthy of that striving (Al-Hajj Surah, 22:78) made Jihad as a means of achieving Gods consent. Jihad differs from other wars with this.

Jihad is both physical and material worship. It is committed against the unbelievers who assault Muslims. Islam prohibits struggle within the Islamic State. Jihad within Islamic regime cannot be with arm struggle, it is done with dawah (invitation to Islam), inducement, and irshad (showing the right way). No Muslim can draw his sword against any other Muslim within the Islamic State. A Muslims drawing arms to kill another Muslim is one of the great sins. Fight within the Islamic State is not Jihad; it is Fitnah (disorder-rooted in rebellion to God and recognizing no laws). Fitnah is even far graver than and more sinful than killing. (Al-Baqarah Surah, 2:217)

When the first stage of diffusion of Islam is examined, the hardships and torments that were befitted for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Companions by Mecca disbelievers horrors you. The expropriation of their properties, preemptory immigration to Mecca covering 500-600 kilometers urges them to deprecate disbelievers. In fact, it is clearly explained in the first surahs (chapter) of Quran of why it was given permission to fight against disbelievers in response. (Al-Hajj Surah, 22:39-40; Al-Baqara Surah, 2:190; An-Nisa Surah, 4:75; At-Taubah Surah, 9:13).

According to Quran, violating agreements, hypocrisy in international politics, attempting to wage a war, secret agreements with enemies are considered sufficient causes for declaring a war.

In addition, it had been declared wars to announce Islam too. The principal bon mot, here is, not converting to Islam with the use of force but inviting people in places where there is no possibility to make individual invitations and whose freedom to choose the true faith are derogated. To differ invasion and exploitation from these conducts, the term conquest was put into use to refer them.

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