What kind of an order is there in the Jihad Verses?

It was not commanded any war directly in the era that Muslims were fewer in numbers and faced with brutal oppression in Mecca. The verses which came down during that time were all about forgiveness, remittent, praying as stated, giving alms. (1) For example;

1. Muslims were fewer in numbers. If it were ordained a war, it would be disadvantageous for them. God wished for their population to be larger.

2. If it were permitted to fight in that case it would be a civil war, because Muslims were scattered to different houses. If it were used force in self-protection, there would be bloodshed. People divided into parties after emigration and with this, obstacle eliminated. (2)

In that era of divided parties, it was first let to fight with the below verse,

The believers against whom war is waged are given permission to fight in response, for they have been wronged. Surely, God has full power to help them to victory – (Al-Hajj Surah, 22:39)

This permission was followed by further commands, such as;
Fight in Gods cause (in order to exalt His Name) against those who fight against you, but do not exceed the bounds (set by God), for surely God loves not those who exceed the bounds. (Al-Baqarah Surah, 2:190)

The number of the months, in Gods sight, is twelve as determined and decreed by God on the day when He created the heavens and the earth (and set them moving in the present conditions). Four of them are sacred (in that fighting is forbidden during them). This is the upright, ever-true Religion (the order that God has established for the operation of the universe and life of humanity). Do not, therefore, wrong yourselves with respect to these months. Nevertheless, fight all together against those who associate partners with God just as they fight against you all together; and know well that God is with the God-revering, pious who keep their duties to Him. (At-Taubah Surah, 9:36)

1. Do you not consider those who were told, "Restrain your hands (from war and similar endeavor), and do the Prayer in conformity with all its conditions, and pay the Prescribed Purifying Alms (at which time they insistently asked you when they would be allowed to fight).( An-Nisa Surah, 4:77) So (O Messenger) endure (their insolence) with becoming patience. (Al-Maarij Surah, 70:5), God will say: "Do not dispute (with each other) in My Presence. I had warned you (of this Day) before. (Qaf Surah, 50:28)
2. Seyyid Kutub, Fî Zılali'l-Kur'an, Daru'ş-Şuruk, 1980, I, 185-186; Sabunî, Revaîu'l-Beyan, I, 213-214
3. İbnu Kesîr, V, 436

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