If a person cannot wake up for fajr prayer, what can s/he do for it?

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If you cannot wake up for the fajr prayer, when can you do for it?
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The time for the Morning Prayer starts with imsaq (the time when fasting starts) and ends with sunrise. However, for those who follow the Hanafi sect, it is more virtuous to delay it until there emerges a bit of light; and according to the Shafii sect, it is more virtuous to perform it early while it is dark. If the sun rises while praying and before the prayer is finished, the Prayer is annulled, according to the Hanafi sect. In that case, one should perform the prayer again after the time of Karahat (the time after the Sunrise when it is religiously abhorred to perform prayer) is over. If the one who cannot perform the Morning Prayer on time performs its compensatory prayer after Sunrise and after the time of Karahat, and before the Noon Prayer, s/he performs the compensatory prayer with both its sunnah and obligatory parts. 

There are tips for waking up for the Fajr Prayer, please click on the link given below;

How to wake up for Salat Al-Fajr (Fajr Prayer)?

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