When should I perform the Fajr (morning prayer), If I cannot perform it on time?

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If I miss , is it true to pray the fajr prayer with the noon prayer? Can I combine them...
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The time for the Morning Prayer begins with the first light of the dawn and ends with the rising of the sun. However, according to Hanafis, it is recommended to pray after it becomes slightly light; as for Shafiis, it is recommended to perform the Morning Prayer while it is still dark. If the sun rises while praying, according to Hanafis, the prayer will be invalid. You should perform it again after the sun rises (after the rime of karahat ends).

A person who has not performed the Morning Prayer within its time should perform (make qada) both its Sunnah and fard after the sun rises (after the rime of karahat ends) and before the time for the noon prayer starts.

If the morning namaz is performed (made qada) before the time for the noon prayer, it is regarded to have been performed (made qada) within its time.

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