What stages will one go through after death? Could you explain the fact that people will be naked and bare-footed in Mahshar (gathering place)?

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What stages will one go through after death? Could you explain the fact that people will be naked and bare-footed in Mahshar (gathering place)?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

One day the doomsday will strike and the earthly life will come to an end. After a period of time, which is only known by Allah, the sur (horn) will be blown for the second time.

Then life-giving water will be sent down from the sky and everyone will resurrect like plants and come into bodies again from a very small piece of bone, which will never decay, at the bottom of the sacrum, although all other bones will have decayed. They will come into life in their graves and rise up.

Then they will think that they lived on the earth only one day or for a shorter time; and they will run towards mahshar, giving thanks to Allah.

Unfortunately, those who have forgotten how they were created will ask in astonishment “Who will resurrect the decayed bones?and will never believe that they will come into life again after death. They will see how the One who created in the first place resurrects.

Mahshar (Gathering Place)

While mentioning the day of mahshar, Allah the Supreme uses the expressions of “great day” and “the day all people will come to the presence of the Lord of the Realms.”

That day, when people hear the sound of sur, their eyes will be wide-open in awe. Those people will jump out of their graves like grasshoppers spreading everywhere and run towards the direction whence they are called from.

Everyone, from the first human being to the last human being, will come together on that day in a place where the earth has assumed a different form, where mountains are thrown into air like dust, somewhere so flat and plain without any holes or hills, so white and where nobody can see anything familiar.

People will come to the presence of Allah the Supreme, in mahshar, as they are

-and uncircumcised.

Because of the awe, fear and astonishment they are in, they will never turn to look at each other.

At that terrible time, the Sun will burn people fiercely. Everybody will be overwhelmed with sweat in proportion to the amount of their sins; some up to their heels, some up to their knees, some up to their waists, some up to their collarbones, some up to their mouths and some up to their ears.

On that day when there is not the slightest shadow, Allah the Glorious will bless some people with His kind offerings and make them rest under the shadow of the sky.

Those blessed people are:

-Just statesmen
-Young people who grew up worshipping and serving their Lord in a pure life
-Muslims whose hearts were loyal to masjids
-People who loved each other for the sake of Allah, whose both meetings and separations were for the sake of Allah.
-Righteous men who refused a beautiful and dignitary woman’s desire for intercourse, by saying “I fear Allah”
-Those who gave alms so secretly that even their left hands did not know what was given with their right hands.
-Those that remembered Allah and cried in quiet places.

Book of Deeds

On the day of mahshar, everyone’s book (the book of deeds), on which both evil deeds and good deeds they did while on earth are recorded, will be opened before them. They will be told: “Read your book! You are to question yourself today!”

Those who have got more good deeds will be given their books of deeds from their right side. They will tell people around, in great joy, “Look at this book, take and read it!” Their accounting will be easy and they will lead a happy life amongst fruit trees in a high level of Heaven, eating from those fruits.

And those, whose books of deeds will be given from their left side, will say “Oh what kind of a book is this! It has recorded everything I did, both trivial and important! I wish I had not been given my book and I had not learned my accounting. I wish everything had ended with death!”

Later, people will be called to account for what they did on the earth, in the presence of Allah the Glorious.

They will not be able to talk because their mouths will have been sealed. Their hands, feet, ears, eyes and skins will tell everything they had done one by one.

Of course, those who believed and did good things, obeyed Allah’s rules and refrained from his prohibitions will not be regarded the same as those who were not like that.

According to what the Prophet (pbuh) narrated, it will happen as follows:

Allah the Glorious will talk to each human being without a translator. Then one will look at his right and will see his good deeds he had sent to afterlife. He will look at his left and will see his evil deeds. He will look before himself and will only see Hell in front of him.

Allah will just glance at the books of His servants with whom He is pleased and will not call them to account. Actually, those who will be called to account are the ones who will be punished.

Seventy thousand people from the followers of Prophet Muhammad, those who did not resort to sorcery, did not believe in bad luck and only trusted in their Lord will enter Heaven without accounting.
Anyone who had done a very small good deed on the earth will receive his reward and anyone who had done a very small evil deed on the earth will receive his punishment.

At the end of this accounting, there will not be any dues left. Even the sheep which does not have horns will get its dues from the sheep which has got horns.

Scale (Mizan)

After the accounting is completed, good deeds and evil deeds performed on the earth will be weighed. Allah the Supreme will have the scales, which are accurate to the utmost degree, set up and therefore nobody will be wronged at all. Even if they are as small as mustard seeds, each good deed and evil deed will be put on the scale to be weighed.

Those whose good deeds weigh heavier than their evil deeds on the scale will be saved. Those whose good deeds weigh lighter than their evil deeds will sink into deep unhappiness, and if they also denied the verses of Allah, they will stay in Hell eternally.

Good deeds and prayers performed on the earth will weigh heavy on the scale.

Some good deeds and prayers will weigh heavier than others on the scale. For instance, although the invocation of “Subhanallahi wa bi-hamdihi subhanallahi’l-azim” is very easy to say, it will weigh heavy on the scale because these two sentences please Allah the Merciful.

Invocating by saying “Alhamdulillah” is another form of worship which also fills the scale with thawabs.

However, what weighs the heaviest of all on the scale is having high ethics.

Sirat (The Bridge)

People will cross the bridge of Sirat in order to enter either Hell or Heaven after mahshar. Sirat is a bridge stretching from one side of Hell to its other side, and which is finer than hair and sharper than sword, as the Prophet put it.

When believers come to the bridge, prophets will beg Allah saying “O Allah, make it easy, make it easy!”

Prophet Muhammad and his followers will be the first to cross the bridge.

People, with whom Allah is pleased, will cross this bridge on a speed which is in proportion to the degree of their deeds.

Some of them will cross it in the blink of an eye; some will cross it at the speed of a lightning, some at the speed of wind, some at the speed of a bird, some at the speed of a fine, pure-bred horse and some at the speed of a camel.

Ibn Abbas narrates: The Messenger of Allah said: “You will gather in the place of resurrection on the Day of Judgment barefooted, naked and uncircumcised.”

Upon this explanation, a woman asked: “So will we not see our bodies’ private parts?”
The Messenger of Allah answered this question with a verse from the surah al-Abasa:

-“O woman! ‘Each one of them, that Day, will have enough concern (of his own) to make him indifferent to the others.’ (Abasa, 37)” (Tirmidhi, Tafsir, Abasa 3329).

Scholars, interpreting this verse, explained it as follows: Just as Allah dressed trees with a natural clothing on the earth, so too will He dress human beings with a natural clothing in mahshar.

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