How to wake up for Salat Al-Fajr (Fajr Prayer)?

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i stay up all night until fajr then i pray and i love fajr. i prayed on it omn the night before ramadan.and im only 11 and i cant wake up for fajr . i always over my choice is stay up and watch tv. in my room. if i dont watch watch it i fall asleep . so what can i do to prevent not sleeping for fajr?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The things you’ve said do not solve your problem. We advise you to go to bed after you have prayed the Isha'a prayer and take the necessary measures in order to get used to praying fajr prayer.

Timely performance is so important thus as Muslims we should pray on time even by someone riding a horse being pursued by an enemy. Every Muslim has to pray on time, and any work or an activity should be abandoned.

First of all you should have a sincere determination and intention so that you can wake up for the Fajr prayer. Please look at the tips given below. 

Tips for Waking Up for Fajr Prayer:

1-      Go to sleep on time (Sleep early, make it a routine to sleep early everyday)

2-      Pray Inwardly and Sincerely

3-      Set your Alarm clock (you can use more than one alarm clock)

4-      Assign someone the responsibility for waking up (family members or friends)

5-      Get help from “Wake Up Call Services” 

6-      Avoid eating too much before going to bed. 

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