Is the expression “The Satan urinates on the ears of those who do not get up for the Morning Prayer.” a hadith?

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I couldn't wake up for fajjr prayer. If I miss fajr prayer, does Shaitan (evil) urinate in my ear. becuase i try to stay up. but i can only stay up until 4 am. I once prayed but there is no continuity.
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There is such a narration:   Uthman bin Abi Shayba and Ishaq narrated to us. Uthman said: “To us, Jarir narrated from Mansur, and Mansur from Abu Vail, and he from Abdullah. According to the narration, Abdullah had said: 'In the presence of Allah's Messenger, peace and blessings upon him, a man who slept at night until morning was mentioned. Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said:   “That is such a man on whose ears-” or “-on whose ear the Satan urinated.” That hadith is quoted from different narrators in Bukhari's «Kitabu't-Tahajjud», «Kitabu Bad-i'l-Khalk» and «Sifatu Iblis», and in Nasai's and Ibn-i Maja's books in chapters about the prayers.   In the narration of Bukhari, it is as follows:   “In the presence of Allah's Messenger, peace and blessings upon him, a man was mentioned. They said he would sleep until morning and would reach the morning without waking up for the Prayer. Thereupon, Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said:   “On his ear the Satan urinated.”   As is understood from the expression in the hadith, what is meant with the prayer for which that man did not wake up is the obligatory prayer. The narrators are not certain about whether the Prophet said 'ears' or 'ear'.   It is controversial among the scholars what is meant with 'the Satan urinating on ear'.   According to Hattabi, that expression is a similitude. The situation of the person who is in a deep sleep and who is unwary of the Prayer is likened to the situation of the person on whose ear is urinated and who thus can no longer hear and whose senses are maimed. Hattabi saw it also possible that the expression may refer to reality and said: “If what is meant is really the Satan's urinating, that cannot be denied, either...”   Tahawi says: “That expression is a similitude which points out the Satan's control over that person and that person's obedience to the Satan.”   Some say: “That expression is an allusion to the Satan's mocking that person. For it is possible for somebody who mocks something to urinate on that thing. As he sees it utterly despicable, he uses it as the place of urinating, toilet.”   According to Ibn-i Kutayba (213-276), what is meant with urinating is 'corrupting'. Arabs use the word 'urinating' in allusion to 'corrupting'.   According to Tiybi, the reason why ear is mentioned in that hadith instead of eye, which is actually more appropriate in the subject of sleeping, is because the deepness of the sleep is thus pointed out. For it is through the ears that waking takes place. And the reason why urine is mentioned among filths is that it easily flows in holes and veins. Thus it causes laziness in the whole body.  

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