What should you do when you are sick and cannot perform prayers?

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If you are sick for 2 days or more and during those times, you can't perform prayer, how do you perform Qada?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

First of all there is no excuse for quitting performing prayers in our religion. A person who cannot make wudu (ablution) can make tayammum (using earth for wudu instead of water); a person who cannot stand or sit down can pray while lying down by moving his head.  It means that no Muslim who is sane and without a legal excuse can neither miss nor delay his/her salah. Even if you are regarded to pay your debt by performing Salah later, you will be responsible for not praying on time.

But if you could not perform prayer on time then you have to perform it later; Performing an obligatory prayer (salah) in time is called execution, performing it after its specified time has elapsed is called compensation (qada); performing a prayer again that has been spoiled is called repetition.

If these prayers were disregarded without an excuse, since this is a sin, it is inconvenient to expose this.

Please click on the link given below;

How are the compensation prayers (qada prayers) performed?

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