Beginning from what age must missed prayers be calculated? How are missed prayers performed?

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Beginning from what age must missed prayers be calculated? How are missed prayers performed?
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Performing prayers is an obligation for every Muslim. When we borrow some money, we have to pay it back on time. It is not appropriate to delay it; we have to pay it back and apologize for paying it back late.  Similarly, it is necessary to perform prayers on time. However, if someone has missed some prayers, he has to apologize to Allah and perform them. One can be freed from the obligation of missed prayers only by performing them. There is no other way of being freed from that obligation.   

Since human beings can differentiate between the good and the evil only after they reach the age of puberty, our Lord will not question us about our childhood in the Gathering Place (mahshar); however, He will question us about our responsibilities of worshipping like prayer (salah), fasting, tasattur, etc beginning from the day that we reach puberty; so our religious responsibility starts from the age of puberty. However, the time of puberty is not certain.  A boy may reach puberty at any day beginning from the age of 12 and a girl beginning from the age of 9 until they reach the age of 15. The age of puberty starts with wet dreams (ejaculation) for boys and menstruation for girls; beginning from that moment, the responsibilities are recorded separately in the form of “done” or “missed” in the book of deeds. 

Let us give some information that will be helpful.

1- If a person does not remember the date he/she has entered the age of puberty, men should regard it as the age of 12 and women as 9. The missed prayers should be calculated by subtracting those numbers of years from the age one started performing prayers regularly.

2- You can perform the missed prayers in the form of performing one missed prayer after every prayer. Thus, it will not be difficult for your soul and it will be easy to calculate. 

3- Thus, if you intend to perform all of your missed prayers as long as you live and start to perform them, if you die before finishing performing you missed prayers, we hope you will be regarded to have performed your prayers. If you had lived, you would have performed them because you had started to perform them. May Allah give you a life to finish your missed prayers.

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