When "fard" become obligatory on boys?

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When "fard" become obligatory on boys? A boy who had whitish discharge after masturbation or a few years later when he gets his first wet dream?
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Since a person can distinguish what is good from what is evil, the right from superstition only after he reaches puberty, in the hereafter Our Lord is not going to hold us responsible from our childhood times of the world life. And He is going to make us to give account of our religious obligations such as prayer and fast beginning from the day we reach puberty and hence our religious responsibility starts after we enter to the age of puberty.

However, the puberty age has not got a certain date. The sensation of entering to puberty may start at any month or day starting at the age of 12 for boys and 9 for girls until the age 15. Each of our obligations are written down into our deeds book as either “performed” or “failed to perform” as from the day the human and sexual senses are observed in the form of wet dreams for boys and menstruation for girls.

If a boy does not go through any wet dream or a girl not experience any menstruation till the age of fifteen, they are going to be deemed to reach puberty.

Allah created the human beings in different dispositions. This can be shown as a reason why the age liability changes. Nevertheless, when subjected to average, the people in general enter to puberty age at close times.

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