What is the age of starting Obligatory Prayer (salat)? How should we compensate our Qadha prayers?

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Asalam alakum wa rukhma tula he wa barakatu hu I have a few questions relating to salat (I believe reffers to 'prayers'). 1.) At what age, is a muslim boy (or muslims in general) required to start thier prayers? 2.) I just recently (2 weeks ago) starting praying five times a day on a daily basis, but the question is, what do I do for the namaz I missed from the age I was required to pray? 3. I feel like i'm talking to myself when praying (thoughts), what shal i do about this? PBUY

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Because it is only possible to know right from wrong in human after reaching pubescence, Allah Almighty does not call children to account when they are in their childhood. After reaching pubescence asks for the obligations such as fast, prayer etc. So our religious obligations start after reaching pubescence. And it is known that the time (age) of pubescence is not definite. After the Boy (12) and girl (9) years old, there may be a feeling to reach pubescence till (15). And it shows itself in boy with nocturnal emission, in girls with menstruation. After that human and carnal feeling has appeared, every obligation is recorded as “has been done” or “has not been done”.

For your third question we recommend you not to listen that thoughts and to pray in awe. For a detailed information about it, we are translating an answer, after it has been finished, insaallah we will send it to you. Here you can get some information about your other related questions.

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